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Billiard Cue Chalk Brand

Billiard Cue Chalk Brand

When I was learning to play pool

There have been solely 2 or 3 totally different brands of sports implement chalk. Back then, chalk was chalk and you always simply grabbed any cube that was procurable. often you’d get lucky and realize a special piece that simply vie utterly, thus you’d head to nice lengths to stash and shield that piece whereas hoping that it might last forever. nowadays there ar a lot of chalk choices than you'll you'll shake a stick at, and with such an outsized choice to decide on from it's currently a lot of easier to find quality sports implement chalk.

What sports implement Chalk Do the execs Use?
With all the various selections out there, however can we decide that complete of chalk to use? I would recommend that you just attempt as several as you'll till you discover a complete you wish, however not everybody has access to all or any of those precious items of blue gold. That’s why I talked to many high skilled pool players to examine what reasonably chalk they like. Here is what I found out:

My friend and Hall of Famer Nick Varner once told Pine Tree State “there continues to be nothing sort of a smart piece of blue Master chalk.” Master chalk is that the ol’ reliable possibility created by Tweeten in Chicago wherever they’ve been creating table game chalk for over a century. these things is nice, and chances ar it’s what’s sitting on the rail of the tables at your native pool space straight away.

Another in style complete may be a favorite of top European player Neils Feijen. Neils prefers Blue Diamond chalk created by Longoni. This chalk may be a nice price and is considered by several to be the initial “performance chalk”. Blue Diamond comes in packs of 2 and people cubes ar improbably consistent. they appear to perpetually desire that good piece!

Personally, I facet with Champion player Darren Appleton when I say that Predator is my favorite complete of pool chalk. this is often a dry, gritty chalk that has nice adhesion to the tip nevertheless doesn’t appear to induce everywhere the billiard ball. This chalk is octangular too, thus it's a extremely distinctive feel in your hand. Predator chalk comes with 5 items per tube (for beneath $10) thus there's masses to travel around.

Master Blue Cue Chalk

Master Billiard Pool Snooker Cue Chalk

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Universally acknowledged to be one of the finest chalks on the market is the ever-famous Master Billiard Pool Chalk. Proudly made by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, this chalk possesses a remarkable texture that covers pool cue tips smoothly and evenly. Master Billiard/Pool Chalk has been a standard for pool players because of its ability to perform well, consistently deliver excellent results, and affordability.

This professional-grade billiard chalk presents a leveled, uniform, and even coverage that will not flake off the cue despite of the continuous usage. As contrasted with other pool chalks in this cost range, Master Billiard/Pool Chalk has just the ideal standard of tackiness. It holds so well to the pool cue for performing on the optimal surface needed to take your dream shot in a pool game. The proper and smooth coat helps to avoid disastrous miscues when breaking or forming a shot. It has just the perfect uniformity that produces zero mess at all on and about the pool table and on the pool balls. It also goes on the tip nicely and is very easy to apply.

Lag the break

Master Billiard/Pool Chalk is not particularly messy or clean as well. While deep in color, this chalk is moderately pigmented. This actually results in more center-focused shots with much less miscue possibility. It is produced from the purest level of velvet-grade silica, establishing its maximum adherence and friction qualities. All boxes contain 12 cubes of Master Billiard/Pool Chalk for easy storage of the chalks. It comes in 10 good-looking colors for the handler’s preference to pick and select from gold, green, metallic gray, red, and more.

Run the rack

There is a reason a lot of professional players partake in a fondness for this specific brand of chalk on their leather cue tips and that is simply because it proposes a smooth and even coating feel all throughout the surface. Master Billiard/Pool Chalk just simply gets the job done anytime and anywhere with no frills and is created for those who call for a really great quality chalk at an even greater value.

Cue Chalk Specifications

Cubes: 12 per box
Colors: Blue, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Green, Gold, Gray, Rust, Red, Sky Blue and Spruce

Tiger Cue Chalk

Tiger Billiards Products

Tiger's Performance Billiards chalk is formulated for maximum friction while maintaining a smooth feel during application. 3 pieces of chalk included in a small storage case, only available in blue.

Fury Cue Chalk

Product Description

FURY table game Chalk one computer Pool Chalk table game Accessories for Match Use Snooker Chalk skilled Player Cue Chalk


  • Easy to be placed on the cue tip.
  • Comfortable and swish, strong adhesion.
  • Strong friction, non-stick to ball
  • Pro Level Crystal Chalk
  • 144 Cubes per box
  • Color: Blue solely
On Cyborg Cue Chalk

ON developed the On Cyborg Cue Chalk to be soft and straightforward to use, whereas reducing miscues, marks on the billiard ball, and residue left on your shaft. This chalk is applied before each shot, however coats and sticks to the tip terribly nicely. 

On Cyborg Cue Chalk is comprehensive formula chalk, to confirm fewer miscues and glorious grip and extremely clean soft chalk for you to stay your cue shaft and billiard ball clean. bionic man chalk is ideal to be used altogether your pre-shot routine and might offer a lot of strokes than one traditional chalk. On Cyborg Cue Chalk grips and works cleanly in wet and dry conditions.

  • Hand made in Portugal
  • Grips and Works cleanly in wet and dry environments
  • Clean and soft chalk for keeping your cue shaft and billiard ball clean
Navigator Cue Chalk

Navigator chalk is all about improving friction with the ball. This helps maintain ball control and get more spin. The cube is standard size, comes with a clear silicon protective cover and sweet resalable package. It’s standard blue to match most felt. 

Lava Blue Cue Chalk

You demanded it, so they made it. The popular Lava performance chalk is now available in traditional blue. If you're not familiar with Lava chalk, here's the scoop:

Lava rocks are created from lava that flows at crazy high temperatures
These temperatures create viscosity
Viscosity equals friction
Friction is what keeps chalk on your tip (and as a result, reduces miscues)

The blue color is perfect for green or blue cloth. If you have red or burgundy cloth, check out the original rust colored Lava chalk.

Friction. It's the most important job of great billiard chalk. It's what holds your tip to the cue call for those critical milliseconds you still have control of your shot. 

And we've discovered a material that has physical and chemical properties that maximize friction and optimize chalk retention? lava. 

Straight from the Earth's molten core and recently a toasty 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, the key ingredient for our chalk is literally lava. Specifically, it's a basaltic magma that ends up as a rock called scoria. We take scoria, crush it, pulverize it, and convert it from volcanic slag to a powder. At that point, we use more traditional manufacturing methods, carefully calibrating our master blend to maximize the effects of the lava for billiard chalk.

But why is lava good for the end of a pool cue? Viscosity and paramagnetism. Every rock we use is the result of lava that only flows at incredibly high temperatures. It takes these thermal extremes because of its high iron content. Once the lava transforms into rock, it reacts on a subatomic level with water, essentially gluing hydrogen bonds together, trapping moisture. The effect of this process is called paramagnetism, which creates viscosity thousands of times higher than water. Viscosity equals friction and friction is the single purpose of billiard chalk. 

Lava Chalk? is for real. Try it and see for yourself.

Magic Cue Chalk

If you’re looking for chalk that only requires one or two applications per frame but don’t want to shell out a heap of money on Kamui’s products, Magic Chalk is the stuff for you.

Made in Russia, this chalk is designed to have almost magical adhesive properties. Some say it’ll last you three or four games before you need to reapply it. We suspect that some of these people had such great results because they were shutout and only made a few shots! The point still stands though ?? there’s enough people claiming that this chalk is amazing to warrant its reputation.

Although Magic Chalk is expensive, these cubes will last for ages, so they’re pretty good value for money. You can pick up a two-pack for a reasonable price, so if you don’t like it you’re not stuck with a heap of excess chalk.

So how’s the actual performance? Magic Chalk offers great English considering the cost ?? miscues are extremely rare even when playing a heap of side. It can get on your hands and cue, but it’s not an especially messy chalk.

Magic Chalk can also leave marks on the cueball, because it transfers a bit easier than Kamui. This is the only issue with this chalk really, apart from the lack of available colors other than blue.

From deep in the heart of the Motherland, comes the one and only Magic Chalk! This high performance chalk from across the sea comes in boxes of two cubes and comes in a rich blue.

Kamui Roku Cue Chalk

Kamui chalk is really like nothing else available: it’s as good as it gets.

The Roku is their latest creation, having only launched about a year ago. It’s a replacement of Kamui’s famous 0.98 chalk, which they no longer produce.

Upon applying this chalk for the first time, the first thing that you notice is its consistency. It doesn’t really feel like chalk at all. It’s a much finer substance, almost like a powder.

But this is what makes the Roku so great. Although it’s not a cheap option, this chalk does a fantastic job staying on your tip. As a result, you don’t need to reapply it after every shot, and less of it gets on your table.

However, don’t think that this means that you only get a thin coating on your tip. As you’d expect given what this chalk costs, the level of cue ball control it offers is second to none.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best pool chalk out there, no matter the cost, the Roku is a fantastic pick.

You heard right. All the buzz on social media, around the billiard rooms and even straight from Florian ??Venom” Kohler himself, is TRUE!  This six-sided blue chalk contains all the best features from the Kamui .98 and 1.21 with none of the downfalls such as marking the cue balls and leaving those nasty chalk stains on the felt.  Kamui heard you ALL! The Roku chalk is specially formulated to cover your tip evenly and last giving you maximum accuracy with each shot without losing contact to the ball. Your hit consistency and ease of english will be up, and miscuing will go down drastically. With a longer lifespan, this chalk is going to last giving you peace of mind that when you need it, you will have it.

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Longoni NIR Super Professional Pool Cue Chalk

Longoni NIR Super Professional Cue Chalk is a European quality product made for pool players with a high level of control over their shots. It is used worldwide because of its excellent performance. This brand has features that professional pool players love.

The brand Longoni has been in the market for over 70 years and is famous for its quality and efficient billiard accessories. Its popularity remains, and its products still possess the quality many professional players are looking for.

Qualities of Longoni NIR Super Professional Pool Cue Chalk

• Chalk adheres to the tip longer compared to other chalk in the market. You don’t have to apply it again and again.
• High-quality chalk with a good water retention feature so it prevents drying and flaking.
• The chalk is available in blue colour, so the powdery mess will not be a problem as most pool tables have blue felt.
• Spread evenly on the tip of the pool stick, thus helps you get an accurate shot.

Longoni NIR Super Professional Cue Chalk is one of the favorite cue chalks of professional and novice pool players.

Mezz Cue Chalk

Mezz has been making fine cues for decades, so when they decided to come out with their very own chalk we just knew they'd have something special up their sleeve. And we were right! The Mezz Smart Chalk is a high quality silicone based performance chalk with a twist. The packaging for this chalk incorporates a thin metal plate that allows it to work seamlessly with the rest of the Mezz Smart Chalk magnetic system. If you're looking for quality chalk that will work with a magnetic chalker, you have to try the Mezz Smart Chalk!

Triangle Green Cue Chalk

Looking to go old school with your chalk? Well, you're in luck because we've got Triangle Chalk by Tweeten.

Triangle chalk has been around for over 75 years and is known around pool halls as one of the most consistent chalks around. The chalk is firm, it plays great and best of all, it won't break the bank.

Blue Diamond Cue Chalk

Yep, this is the chalk you've been hearing so much about. No, not that redonkulous chalk that sells for 25 bucks a cube but the original high performance chalk - Genuine Blue Diamond chalk.

Sure, it does happen to be a little more expensive than regular chalk but I think your game is worth the extra few bucks, don't you? Blue Diamond seems to hold better than other chalks, which decreases your miscues, which improves your game. So with that logic in place, Blue Diamond chalk makes you a better pool player. Right? Right.

In all seriousness, grab a box and give this stuff a try. It is absolutely worth the money.



Predator Cue Chalk

Need an awesome all-around chalk? Look no further!

Rather than focusing on one specific area (like adhesion), Predator has chosen to make a chalk that has it all. Their product offers better spin, less miscues, and allows you to strike the ball more accurately. It also sticks to your tip pretty well ?? generally it only needs reapplying every four or five shots.

The end result of all this is that you won’t even have to think about your chalk when playing. Ultimately, this is what you want. In an important frame you need to focus on your next two or three shots, rather than how your chalk is performing.

With Predator, you don’t even need to be concerned about marking your hands or cue. Despite having good tip adhesion, this chalk doesn’t stain your body or equipment as much as most other chalks.

Predator chalk comes in sets of five octagonal pieces, rather than cubes. This might take a bit of getting used to but it’s not a big deal. It’s also pretty cheap ?? there isn’t really a better value chalk on the market right now.

If you don’t want fancy chalk or you don’t want a fork over a heap of money, try Predator chalk and see what you think.

After more than 5 years of research and development and three years of testing by the world's top pro pool players, Predator's 1080 Pure performance chalk is ready for prime time! 

Using a special formula of pure silica, 1080 is all about performance and winning. When using Predator's chalk, expect improved accuracy, greater consistency, increased rotation, longer on-tip chalk life and better application coverage than standard chalk. Plus, it's shaped like an octagon. Because square chalk is so 20th century. 

Did you know that we carry a pool cue chalker for the Predator 1080 Chalk? It fits that octagon shape perfectly and keeps your chalk nice and safe!