Pool Snooker Cue Brands

  • Australian pool cues are designed for Australian pool played on a 7' x 3'/6" table. These cue are usually 57" in length, Ash shaft, feature 9mm to 10mm leather cue tips and weight from 17oz to 18oz.
  • American pool cues are designed for American pool played on a 9' x 4'/6" table. These cue are usually 58" in length, Maple shaft, feature 13mm to 14mm layered cue tips and weight from 20oz to 24oz.
  • English snooker cues are designed for world wide snooker played on a 12' x 6' table. These cue are usually 58" in length + support an 6" extension, Ash shaft, feature 10mm to 12mm leather cue tips and weight from 18oz to 19oz.
  • Pool cues. Get set for a great game of pool or billiards with our impressive selection of quality cues. With an extensive range of quality cues, you’ll find the perfect cue for any playing style.

Lucasi Cues Logo Lucasi Cues signature quality, craftsmanship and superior hit, has made it the number one selling custom cue on the market. Lucasi cues are built with performance enhancing features chosen by custom cue makers. Every Lucasi Cue comes with either a Uni-Loc Quick Release or Radial Pin joint, XTX Ferrule, Triangle tips, North American Hard Rock Maple shafts, exotic woods with hand crafted inlays. Lucasi Cues are a proven tournament winner.

Mc Dermott Logo Since 1975, McDermott Handcrafted Cues has consistently raised the performance standards for what billiard players expect from a high performance cue. By using the latest technology in a state-of-the-art facility and utilizing the finest materials available. Now they bring us the Mcdermott Graphite, a brand new line of cues made from an advanced graphite technology over wood to prevent warping and making it water resistant. These were built from exact specifications to give you the best playing cue in billiards.

Pechauer Cues process begins with a commitment to total quality control, starting with Jerry Pechauer himself selecting the Maple logs that make-up different parts of the pool cue. Each J. Pechauer Custom Pool Cue starts with a select piece of hard-rock Maple from which the shaft is born. Then each shaft is married to butt sections of either bird's-eye/curly Maple, Ebony, Tulip wood, Cocobolo, Bacote and other exotic woods. It all comes together with quality strictly controlled at each step of the way. The meticulous assembly, precision fit, a flawless finish and a balance and feel that is unmatched anywhere to create the J. Pechauer Custom Pool Cue.

Mezz Logo Mezz Cues are famous for the consistent quality and uncompromised building techniques. For the past years the Mezz USA Company has been working hard to bring you the best products in the billiard industry. They have set a high standard in the art of cue making for their unique designs and for using some of the finest materials from around the world. These cues are being recognized for their exceptional quality and playability in tournament play by a lot of professional pool players like World Champion and Mezz Cue Representative Mika Immonen, Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan and Marcus Chamat. Play like the pros and see why Mezz Cues are becoming their # 1 choice.

Predator Logo NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SKILL LEVEL Pool is a game of extreme accuracy. Why wouldn't you want to play with the cue that shoots the straightest That’s exactly why so many professionals have switched to Predator Cues Technology. "More than 65% of today's top ranked US male professionals trust Predator Cues" But Predator Cues aren't only for the professional. It normally takes years to learn how to compensate for cue ball deflection. The Predator Cues 314 shaft dramatically reduces cue ball deflection and helps less experienced players move quickly through the learning process. In fact, the majority of beginning or intermediate players notice an immediate improvement in their game when they use a Predator Cues. ACCURACY Predators Cues ferrule (Pat. 5725437) and internal bore (Pat. 6162128) reduce the shafts tendency to buckle on impact and allow the cue ball to push the shaft aside instead of the shaft pushing the cue ball off line. Simply put, Predator technology makes it easier to hit what you’re aiming at because it shoots straighter. SPIN Spin is indirectly related to cue ball deflection. The less deflection, the more spin. Predator Cues produce more spin than any conventional cue, which makes it easier to draw, follow and move your cue ball around the table. CONSISTENCY Predator unique 10 piece construction produces a straighter cue with a more consistent flex than any traditional one piece shaft.

Ob Cues Logo OB Cues is introducing their first line of cues which offer FLC (Full Length Core) technology from butt to shaft. The FLC technology has already been proven to provide superior hit and feel in the OB-1 shafts. Now you can experience that same performance for an entire cue. OB Cues feature a solid maple core that runs the full length of the cue handle, from the joint to the bumper. FLC adds just the right amount of strength to the cue handle in just the right place. OB Cues uses quality, highly figured hardwoods chosen to give excellent playing characteristics as well as outstanding beauty. All OB Cues feature a 5/16x14 steel joint and our distinctive signature ring made from our trademarked ferrule block material.

The SledgeHammer Jump Break Cues by McDermott Cues is built specifically to improve your break and jump shots. The break is one of the most important shots of every game. If you can stay on the table when you break and get out of difficult positions with a jump shot you have a big advantage over your opponent. The Sledgehammer Jump Break cue provides you with the tool necessary to get that advantage over your opponent

Star Cues by McDermott provides you with an affordable cue backed by one of the best cue manufacturers in the business. All Star Cues come with a lifetime warranty which is unheard of in cues in this price range. Each Star Cue provides a solid hit, reduced deflection and increased spin. They are hand stained with three coats of high luster urethane for maximum durability. Star Cues use imported European stains for unmatched consistency.

There is no doubt about it, if you are looking for a cue the Viper Cues has what you need. There professionally hand-crafted pool cue line offers such options that you will be able to find a cue just for you and your budget. Viper cues are made of the finest maple. They start with air-drying the timber for two years, then kiln-dry for a minimum of six more months. Once it goes into production, the butt of the cue is sealed with seven layers of protectant to ensure that the piece remains straight and in perfect playing condition.

Players Cues have been the best selling cue in America for 11 years running because Players cues offer quality, style and great selection...all at a reasonable price. The quality of products and construction that goes into Player cues is unmatched. The shafts of the Players cues have a pro taper and are made of 100% North American Grade “A” hard maple which is turned and dried 4 times to prevent warping. The butts of the Players Cues are made with exotic hardwoods such as Cocobolo, Walnut, Purpleheart, American Bird's-eye Maple and Straight Grain maple. Other great features of these pool sticks include quality French “Le Pro” tips, high impact ferrules, and double pressed Irish linen wraps.

Belly up to the table with a handful of Poison and you'll see all the wannabes back off. This is a line of cues unlike any other with bleeding edge designs and best in class playability that can make even the best shooter all the more deadly. Every Poison cue comes with a Venon shaft, which is a 29" Pro Taper shaft that incorporates Double Density Technology. Poison’s DD™ technology benefits from the Predator Group’s engineering, which enhances accuracy and maintains optimum stiffness by designing each shaft with two different densities of wood. Another great feature on all Poison cues is the Sarin Tip. The Sarin tip is composed of eight distinct layers. When the first five blue layers are worn down and you reach the bottom three red layers you know it is time to replace your tip.

These well made economy pool cues are great for a beginner or an experienced player on a tight budget. Each of the below pool stick shown is 100% Maple. Great cues to add to your billiard room and pool cue collection.

The Stealth Cues company has been manufacturing cues for the past 17 years, making their name in the billiard industry for their unique designs and quality. There is no other style like it in the world and now Ozone Billiards is offering you to experience the most popular cues of the decade. Presenting the Stealth Cues with the famous Dooley Handle, these one of a kind cues give you the grip and comfort you need to make shots. Not only does it standout in the crowd but when you play with one, you'll feel a great competitive cue. All cues include free joint protectors that match the style of the cue.

Viking Cues is one of the oldest manufacturers of cues in America, we have the strictest quality control in the industry. From their wood finger splice that creates the feel of a one-piece cue, to our own unique shaft-curing technique that takes nearly two years to complete, they offer you the opportunity to play with the best cues anywhere. C are meticulously crafted in the U.S.A. from the finest materials and subject to the strictest quality control standards in the industry. All Viking Cues come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects and WARPING. The warranty covers all components of a Viking Cue but excludes normal wear on replaceable parts such as the tip, ferrule, finish, wrap, and bumper. Viking has a wide variety of cues for every person's style and budget.

The Urban Cowboy is a new brand of cues unlike no other. This style of pool cues brings us an Urban twist on the Wild West side. Made out of solid maple and adorned with sleek metal rivets and real leather inlays. Besides it's unique looking style this cue is also very competitive and plays real smooth giving every player an identity and something to be reckoned with.

Adrenaline cues were designed with the player in mind. With images that range from Mild to Wild Adrenaline Cues products aren't just cool, they have an attitude - one of a winner. Every item features an artistic image by world famous artist Velondra, making every item not just great looking, but they are truly a piece of art.

Balabushka Cues by George Balabushka were considered by many to be the best quality cues in the world. George Balabushka was born in Russia on December 9, 1912. He arrived in the United States in 1924 and though his start with wood was in children's toys, he became universally known as the best cue-maker ever. Mr. Balabushka left this earth in 1975, but his cues and the stories of his past live on through the efforts of the Adam Cue Company. In 1987, the Balabushka family agreed to allow The Adam Cue Company to continue to make Balabushka Cues. The Balabushka Cue is by far the best selling cue in the industry. In keeping with the style and dignity of Mr. Balabushka, the Adam Cue Company created cues that reflect his originals that sell upwards in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Accurate and Powerful. Those are the best words to describe Concept Cues being introduced by billiard professionals Tony Crosby and Cory Duel. These are a new line of cues made for the players from the players.

Cuetec R360 cues combine incredible quality butts with the latest technology in shaft design to set the tone for the next generation of pool cues. All of the Cuetec R360 cues are exquisitely designed with computer cut veneer inlays of exotic woods and Abalone shell. All Cuetec R360 cue butts come with polished stainless steel joints and Irish linen wraps. What makes Cuetec R360 cues stand out the most is the R360 shaft. The R360 Shaft provides a more consistent hit while eliminating deflection without sacrificing feel.

The Adam Cue Company has been making the finest cues in the world for years. They provide billiard players with best quality pool cue at a reasonable price. It’s been noted that years of experience and craftsmanship are apparent in every cue they manufacture. The attention to detail and the quality of the materials have always been foremost in Adam Cues requirements.

Arsenal Cues team of engineers set out on a task to develop the finest all-inlay cues, at the best prices in the world and then made it happen. Using hand selected exotic woods and intricate inlays, Arsenal Cues make an impression. Adding Tiger Everest Tips and Uni-Loc Joints, Arsenal Cues integrates the most advanced technology to deliver precision to every shot