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All About Snooker Pool Cloth Felt – What You Need to Know has been in the industry for many years providing the consumers with everything they need for snooker and pool. Aside from the usual items, we have a wide range of special offers and gifts. We make sure that all our products are of top-quality and offered at the best price.

Our snooker pool cloth felt are available from as low as £283.99, with the most expensive priced at £599.99. We also offer snooker products at midrange price at £295.99. One of the brands we offer is the Strachan 6811 New Club table cloth that is known worldwide for its durability, speed, and consistency. The brand is made of 100% wool and has been providing World Snooker Competition since 1980.

Strachan is quite popular has been used as the official snooker table cloth during the IBSF World Championships, European and Asian snooker championships. The variety of table cloths of Strachan have the same properties. Some are heavier and more expensive. Others are less expensive and lighter.

To know more about our snooker pool cloth felt, visit our contact page. One of our dedicated team will answer all the questions you have in mind.

2” Australian Pool Table Cloth for sale:

These table cloths are designed for the 7' x 3'/6" Australia Eight Ball Pool Table.


Strachan is a brand known for its billiard cloth. This snooker pool cloth felt will look good on the table once you fit it. The material also will last longer and will outlast its competitors. When someone says Strachan billiard cloth it means classic look, sheen, and speed.

Strachan professional snooker cloth has Anti-Kick technology. The brand has been the official cloth for all worldwide events since 1980 including the World Snooker Championship. The cloth has the best playing surface. You can use this fabric both for recreational or competing billiard tables.

The fabric can help the professional with its speed, control, and consistency plus it is very durable. Strachan is the brand used by the IBSF. It is considered as the world’s popular snooker cloth. This brand is available in 32 oz version which commonly used worldwide.

FSN Directional Billiard Cloth

Another brand of choice is the FSN Directional Billiard Cloth. This fabric will surely satisfy every snooker player around the world. It is the preferred material for a billiard table because of its smooth flat playing surface that lets the ball spin continuously and rolls to the place where it is directed.

Made of 100% wool, this brand offers you the best quality at a very reasonable price. FSN Directional billiard cloth is available in nine different colours. For commercial purposes, you can choose all nine colours so your buyers can choose which colour will fit them best.


If you are looking for a quality cushion for your snooker table, the Mitchell Cushion Rubber is a good option. The cushion is made of hard rubber that you can glue into the table rail. To help make the ball bounce more once it hit the cushion, it is covered with canvas.

All quality billiard tables have K-66 cushions, which is the angle and shape of the cushion rubber. This 42” cushion rubber fits a 7-foot pool table. One of the best features of this cushion rubber is its durability. It can last up to five years but it may fade away. This cushion rubber can provide a consistent and solid bounce. It is a good option for those who plan to buy new cushions and at the same time save some dollars.

2 1/4” American Pool Table Cloth for sale:

The following table cloths are designed for the 9' x 4'/6" American Nine Ball Pool Table.


Simonis 860 is designed specifically for nine-ball pool table. It is slightly slower as compared to the other blend. The cloth is combed worsted wool with higher wool content and thread count to ensure durability and reduced ball burning. It is pill, shed, or fluff-free. Aside from 78 inches, it is also available in 66 inches.

The brand is the only textile mill that produces cloth for cue-sports and all of its pool and carom cloths utilizes worsted wool construction. Thus, they are known for producing very durable and sturdy cloth with the best playing surface.

Simonis Cloth 860 has been chosen to be used in several championships and tournaments worldwide such as the Official World Championships 9-ball cloth.


Andy 988 is recognized worldwide because of its excellent durability that provides a balance between control and speed. It is available in three different colours. Made of 80% wool and 20% nylon. The brand is one of the top-selling pool cloths around the world. It is the best-selling brand in Asia as Simonis holds the top spot in the USA and Europe.

The brand uses authentic Spanish Merino wool. It is recognized because of its smooth and fine texture. The weave and thread used on all their cloths are manufactured in the Shanghai factory using the best European machines. This cloth is nap free which makes it react better to humidity and change in the climate. The process helps extend the lifespan of an Andy cloth.


This cushion rubber is super-fast and accurate that provides you with many years of quality play and service. Mitchell cushion rubber is a premium-grade cushion as compared to extruded rubber that has fillers on it. Fabric is controlled on the back and the underside for consistent games. This cushion rubber is made of quality materials and is available in 60 inches long that can fit 9 ball table and carom tables.

2 1/16” English Snooker Table Cloth for sale:

The following table cloth is designed for the 12' x 6’ English Snooker Table.


This Strachan 6811 green cloth is made of the finest billiard cloth that is 100% pure new wool completely napped cloth. It is designed specifically for billiards, snooker, and pool tables. It provides the best playing surface and is the preferred cloth in all major championships all over the world. Players will have an accurate, fast, high control playing surface.

The cloth is protected against spills and stains. When shipped the cloth is not folded to prevent creasing. 


The Strachan Super Fine stamped pool table cloth is made of 100% Australian wool felt. It is made for billiards, snooker, and pool tables. The cloth provides the best playing surface and is used in all the championships around the world. You are assured to have a fast, high-control, accurate playing surface. The cloth is stain and spills free.

This proudly Australian made cloth is made of materials locally sourced to assure the public that only the best is used in manufacturing the product.


The English Norther Rubber Cushion Rubber uses only the best rubber in England. It is made of natural and refined formula intended mainly for its rebound ability. This rubber cushion undergoes thorough testing to ensure that it will perform at its best. It does not seep out essential ingredients that could lead to the cracking and deadening of the rubber due to O-zone degradation.

Care and Maintenance:

Snooker or pool table is not cheap at all. It is an investment that you need to take care of properly to make it last longer and get your money’s worth. Brushing, blocking, and ironing can help the table prolong its lifespan but these are not enough. There are other things that you need to do and some of them are mentioned below.

Tips on Maintaining Billiard or Snooker Table

Avoid Unnecessary Contact on the Table

The billiard or snooker table is subjected to a lot of stress and pressures. These factors can greatly affect the table’s performance and can shorten their lifespan. Sitting, lifting, standing, leaning heavily, or bumping will have a damaging effect.

Too much pressure can affect the table joints and might cause it to crack or chip. The damage can be felt through the cloth and may affect the ball’s direction. It can also wear the cloth underneath. Never sit on the table when making a shot. Let the expert do the adjustment, repairs, or levelling.

Keep Food and Drinks Away

If you want to keep your billiard or snooker table in top shape, keep your drinks away from the table as much as possible. Spilling drinks or food on the table can stain the cloth.

Hands full of dirt and dust can transfer the dirt on the table. Eating should be done away from the table to avoid spillage and scattering of dirt.

Clean the Balls Every After Use

Balls get dirty because of handling and chalk that is transferred to the cloth. Use a clean towel to wipe the balls or you can wash with water and soap, then dry thoroughly. You can also use other commercial products in the market made for this purpose.


Treat the wood of the billiard table just like other pieces of furniture. Use dampened soft cloth in cleaning, then dry it with a soft cloth. Polishing the wood on the sides and legs of the table can help maintain it. If you need to polish the rails be very cautious on doing it as it may leave a residue that is uncomfortable to the touch and could be transferred on the cloth.

Billiard or Snooker Cloth Surface Care Cleaning

A poorly maintained billiard or snooker table will lead to wear and tear of the cloth surface, thus shortening the lifespan which leads to more work for you and more expenses. Below are the steps on how to maintain the cloth surface properly:


  • Your pool or snooker table needs to be brushed every day for three minutes.
  • Start at the D and finish to the spot end. Follow the direction of the nap with short, sharp moves.
  • Release the dust by lifting the brush from the table every after stroke.
  • Collect the remaining dust using a handheld vac.
  • Clean the bottom of the cushion directing to the pocket openings.
  • Use only the brush designed for this purpose.

Benefits of Daily Brushing

  • It keeps the cloth perform well.
  • Enhance the look of the cloth.
  • Greatly improve the speed.
  • Extend the lifespan of the cloth.


This process should be done before ironing.

  • Get a brush and wrap it with a clean, damped cloth.
  • Place the brush upside down and move it in a straight line on the table.
  • Make sure to run the brush from the D end to the spot end.

Blocking every day helps get rid of the cue stab markings and excess dust.


In ironing the billiard table do not use a domestic iron.

  • Plug in and turn on your iron.
  • Let the iron heat up until it reaches the recommended temperature. Check the hotness of your iron by placing the iron on newspaper. If the paper scorches, then it is too hot.
  • In ironing the snooker table, follow the direction of the nap – starting from the D to the end spot.
  • Prevent tram lines by running again the iron over the same path.
  • At the end of each run, lift the iron from the table.
  • Do not iron the cushions.

Benefits of Ironing

  • It helps keep the table at the best speed.
  • Extend the cloth’s lifespan.
  • Maintain the nap effect on the table.

Here are some products that you can use in brushing, blocking, and ironing.


This Mitchell iron shape brush can effectively remove the dust from the snooker table. It was designed specifically as a cleaning tool for billiard table cloths. The bristles are soft enough to make sure it will not damage the cloth and affect its performance. It is made of premium quality material that will last longer.

The brush is lightweight and easy to control, thus it will not strain your hands. You will not have a problem holding it as it will fit your hands perfectly. Safe for both your hands and the billiard table cloth.


This Mitchell Iron will keep your snooker table cloth at top condition all the time. It is one of the best irons for the pool table. It has detachable power cords so you don’t have to deal with it while ironing the table. This iron has a heatproof place to place the iron when not in use.

Ironing is an essential part of keeping your pool table in top shape along with brushing and blocking. It is a must that you choose only the best iron for your billiard table. To prevent any damage to the cloth, Mitchell iron is thermostatically controlled. It has amber light to signal that it has reached the needed temperature.  For ease of manoeuvring and easy transport, the iron has a solid carry handle


The Simonis X1 extracts the chalk dust deeply from the baize and it keeps in its modern high-tech design. The billiard cloth requires thorough cleaning to maintain its qualities. This Simonis innovative accessory is designed specifically for cleaning the cloth purposes.  With the development of this product, the use of a traditional brush is no longer needed. Even the use of a vacuum cleaner is also not required.

This cloth cleaner works by static electricity and through capillarity. Thus, a very flexible and fastback and forth movement is applied. You don’t have to exert too much pressure when using a brush to clean the cloth effectively.

The product has a high absorption capacity and can retain dust in the textile structure. Release the dust collected by the cleaner to restore its initial effectiveness.

Play by the rules:

The Game is known as Eight-Ball Pool. It is expected that players will always play the game in the true spirit and a sporting manner. The Referee will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the spirit and rules of the game are observed.

Eight Ball Rules

In the Eight-Ball Pool, the players should play the game in a sportsmanlike manner. For any violation of the rules, the Referee will take the necessary action as written on the game rules. Some of the essential Eight Ball Rules posted at are as follows:

Foul Jaw Snooker

This foul is committed if your opponent fouls and the cue ball stop on or near a Jaw, and it prevents you from playing the best cut possible on both sides of your colour through a straight line shot, you will be called for foul snookered and all the rules that pertain to foul snooker will apply.

Impossible Shot

This takes place if it is impossible for a player to do the shot without committing a foul. With this situation, the player has no other option but to commit a foul.

Nine Ball Rules

Just like in Eight Ball, the Nine Ball also has some governing rules the player should follow. The Nine Ball is played using nine numbered balls (1 to 9) and a cue ball. The balls are hit in ascending order—the first player who can pocket the ball bearing the number 9 wins. The following are some of the standard fouls a player can commit during the game, as listed in

Legal Break Shot

The rules that apply to break shot are as follows:

  • The cue ball starts in hand behind the head string
  • In case there is no ball pocketed, a minimum of four object balls should be directed to one or more rails, or it will be considered foul.
  • Three-Point Break Rule is applied, if no ball is pocketed. Three balls should pass the head string, or it will be considered a dry break.

Continuing Play

The shooter can proceed to the next table to take the succeeding shot if he legally pockets any ball on a shot. If in case he pockets all the nine balls legally, he wins. If the shooter fails or fouls the other player play, and if there is no foul, the next player should play the cue ball from the position left by the other player.

Snooker Rules

To win snooker, you need to score more points over your opponent. With the use of the cue ball spot the red and coloured balls. A player or team can win the match if they have achieved the best score from several frames. Below are some of the fouls that referee can call out in Snooker Rules based on

A penalty will be imposed if a striker fouls any ball. The non-offender may choose to play from the position left or ask the offender to play again from the left of the original position. In this case, all balls must be placed and the ball shall be the same as it was before infringement:

  • Any, red, if red was the ball on
  • Colour on, if all the red ball is out of the table
  • Striker gets to choose the colour, where the ball on is the colour after a red, or in case the nominated free ball as a red had been potted.

Play the Game: 

Strachan Championship No 10 cloth is the featured snooker pool table felt for the 40th year in succession in the World Snooker Championship. It is manufactured by WSP Textiles, a textile company known for their technically superior performance products in the field of sports and leisure, particularly in covering the snooker and pool tables and tennis balls.         

The company is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and its products are available worldwide. It was in 1890 when Strachan of Stroud trademark was registered and at present, the Strachan brand is the benchmark in quality when it comes to snooker and pool.

Strachan cloth has been the official cloth of the World Snooker Championships since 1980. The company is also a member of the International Tennis Federation and connected with Regional, National, and International Billiard Federations.

WSP is also part of the world-renown group of companies that includes Iwan Simonis manufacturer of American pool and Carom cloths and also Saluc maker of best snooker and pool balls carrying Aramith brand.

Pros and Cons:

Below are the two types of billiard or snooker table cloth and their pros and cons:

Worsted Wool Billiard Table Cloth


  • Used in a professional tournament
  • Provides speed and consistency
  • Smooth and soft to feel


  • A bit expensive as compared to others.

Woolen Cloth Billiard Table Cloth


  • Cloth used on billiard tables seen on bars, pool halls, and recreational centres.
  • Less expensive
  • Made of 60% wool with a felt feel when touched


  • Easily develop pills on the surface.
  • Needs to be replaced more often.
  • Slower than worsted cloth.

Health and Wellbeing:

The next time you hear the words sports and fitness, consider that physical activity—through safe sports and exercises—will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and reduce extra weight. The real benefit: your joints will become more stable and you’ll be less likely to have bleeds and pain.

Playing billiards will not just benefit you physically. It also has positive on your mental health. Some of which are as follows:

Builds Your Focus

Hitting the right ball is not easy. You need to focus to get a good shot. Also, as the game heats up, you should keep an eye on the angles, develop a defensive strategy, create a game plan, and build an offensive.

Improve Critical Thinking

By playing billiards, you will be able to improve the way you think. You will need to decide whether to play a bank shot or take the cue ball jump shot. As you play each day, you will become a better thinker.

Improve Cognitive Skills

It is not possible to see the same layout of balls. Each time you break the balls you will see a new pattern. Having more game layouts, you will have more experience for each new shot and layout. Your cognitive skills work when you calculate your move. Not just that, your creative problem-solving ability, memory, imagination, and decision making will improve.

Mental Mathematics Skills

Most of the time, your opponent will be blocking your way so you will not have a clear shot. Your mental mathematic skills are being tested during this time. Practising yourself to perform mental calculations can improve your memory and mental clarity.

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We offer our customers all you'll would like for enjoying snooker and pool. once it involves yankee game equipment artifact, we've got created things straightforward by providing one alternative of pool cloth: the Milliken SuperPro™ Pool artifact. This yankee pool artifact is meant for skilled use, made up of a fine worsted artifact of premium quality. appropriate for championship play, it offers a lifesize bed and cushions artifact which may be used for each yankee pool and Russian Pyramid tables.

Perfectly protective against any spills and stains which will occur, this artifact from Milliken has been treated with SpillGuard™, Associate in Nursing innovative style part that exemplifies the makers’ business expertise of over a hundred years.

Made from the best yarn, this game equipment artifact is lasting, providing management, consistency and confidence once enjoying on its surface. A sturdy material, it's less at risk of ball marks, tears, holes and bruises too. it's been used frequently for an entire host of various tournaments, and is that the official and exclusive artifact for U.S.A. in any respect Premier League events and also the German National Championships inside the Deutsche Billard Union in FRG.

The cloth is out there in an exceedingly classic olive-green color and Tournament Blue, likewise as a alternative of seven extra colors. you'll be able to conjointly choose from a spread of 4 completely different sizes, between half dozen foot and nine foot. For from now on data concerning the Milliken SuperPro™ Pool artifact or the other product, please get in-tuned these days.

Traditional snooker table material – Strachan English pool material is that the selection of table makers, operators, fitters, players, pubs, and clubs. Its superior nap provides players with incomparable ball management, speed, and point accuracy.

For operators, tavern, and club homeowners, Strachan may be complete that may be sure. it's nice from the instant it’s fitted, can still perform over its life and can outlive its nearest rival. And for makers, the Strachan name, classic look, luster and luster can greatly facilitate to sell your table.

Strachan 6811 is that the official and exclusive material of the globe Eightball Pool Federation and is employed & supported by Heywood Pool & Snooker, DPT, and different leading snooker table makers.

Cloth materials square measure accessible in cut lengths or items, from a stock network with a prompt delivery service. accessible by the roll, by the meter, or move the precise size of the table. accessible beside the bed and cushion textile, or oversubscribed separately.

Modern-day choices and accessibility provides an in-depth selection {of colors|of colors} starting from the darkest colours of Black, Nutmeg, Purple, and navy, through to ancient viridity and far lighter textile colors in Gold, Orange, a range of Reds and currently even Fuscia Pink! there's a textile color to support each demand and budget whether or not your table is found during a business setting, or set for home use.

Details of the material accessible for Amercian Pool Tables are shown and carefully below. Please note that Amercian Speed textile is often solely fitted to Amercian Pool Tables as this textile is factory-made with a wool/nylon combine as opposed to the 100 percent wool, fleecy textile provided for snooker and pool tables.

To view larger pictures of the well-liked textile color, please click on the smaller pictures shown below to be re-directed to a replacement page with the material colors accessible shown in larger detail.

With over fifteen years of expertise, cueSports provides customers with everything you'll like for snooker and pool enjoying. similarly, as all the same old things, we've got many special offers and different games and gifts. provide} our customers with Associate in Nursing array of high-quality products at the most effective costs we will offer every and each season.

The vary of snooker and game equipment cloths that we've got available area unit out there from rock bottom value of $283.99, to the foremost expertise at $599.99, with a midrange choice at £295.99. the primary choice is that the Strachan 6811 New Club table fabric, that is absolutely sized and includes cushions. this sort has been in production since 1980, and is formed from 100 percent pure wool, and is that the official fabric for several championships and games associations.

The second choice could be a Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament table fabric, that is full sized and includes six cushion strips. it's vastly fashionable and is that the selection for the IBSF World Championships, the Asian and European snooker Championships. Lastly, the Strachan No ten Championship table fabric holds several of a similar proprieties, and just like the second choice, it's weightier than the cheaper selection. this feature is taken into account the last word skilled enjoying surface.

If you'd wish to discover a lot of regarding our snooker and game equipment cloths, please visit our contact page. A member of our dedicated team is happy to answer any queries you'll have.

Manufacturers guarantee that you simply are going to be utterly glad about the snooker and pool cloths conferred and accessible in our intensive vary. dropped at you by quality uk makers from the Hainsworth and Strachan weaving mills there's an outsized style of each textile colors and textile specifications and thicknesses to settle on from.

The combination of fine wools and worsted cloths, distinctive composition, and excellent construction permit the United States to deliver top quality, quick sturdy snooker and pool cloths that build these merchandise the player's selection for several skilled tournaments.

The image below demonstrates the twenty-three totally different textile colors accessible for fitting to your Snooker and English Pool tables. Please note that because of market demand and therefore the producing roll sizes, not all textile colors square measure accessible for fitting to full-size twelve-foot x half dozen foot snooker tables.