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Billiard Pool & Snooker Cue Chalk

We've been providing our customers with everything for snooker and pool enjoying for over fifteen years. From full-size snooker tables to balls and cues, we've everything you would like. we have a tendency to square measure happy to provide amount merchandise systematically, providing you with an oversized selection of branded merchandise at competitive costs every season.

If you’re trying to find chalk for enjoying table game, pool, or snooker, we have an in-depth vary to settle on from. additionally, to the chalk itself, we have a tendency to conjointly stock associate array of various chalk holders to feature simple play. Our vary includes things to suit each budget, from the most affordable at $2.49 to the foremost pricey at $44.99, and numerous costs in between.

The most basic style is formed from rubber and hooked up with string to secure the holder and chalk to tables or cue racks. alternative choices embody magnetic chalk holders in plastic or animal skin. in addition, we've a Peradon animal skin cue chalk pouch, that simply clips onto your belt or garment waistband. Our costliest possibility is that the Kamui Chalk Shark holder, that makes use of powerful lanthanoid metallic element magnets.

For the chalk itself, we've a spread of brands accessible, as well as Pioneer, Triangle, Master, Silver Cup, Taom, and Predator. each chalk and chalk holders square measure accessible during a kind of colors. If you have got any questions about any of those things, please visit our contact page, and a member of the team are going to be happy to debate your choices with you.

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When I was learning to play pool

There have been solely 2 or 3 totally different brands of sports implement chalk. Back then, chalk was chalk and you always simply grabbed any cube that was procurable. often you’d get lucky and realize a special piece that simply vie utterly, thus you’d head to nice lengths to stash and shield that piece whereas hoping that it might last forever. nowadays there ar a lot of chalk choices than you'll you'll shake a stick at, and with such an outsized choice to decide on from it's currently a lot of easier to find quality sports implement chalk.

What sports implement Chalk Do the execs Use?
With all the various selections out there, however can we decide that complete of chalk to use? I would recommend that you just attempt as several as you'll till you discover a complete you wish, however not everybody has access to all or any of those precious items of blue gold. That’s why I talked to many high skilled pool players to examine what reasonably chalk they like. Here is what I found out:

My friend and Hall of Famer Nick Varner once told Pine Tree State “there continues to be nothing sort of a smart piece of blue Master chalk.” Master chalk is that the ol’ reliable possibility created by Tweeten in Chicago wherever they’ve been creating table game chalk for over a century. these things is nice, and chances ar it’s what’s sitting on the rail of the tables at your native pool space straight away.

Another in style complete may be a favorite of top European player Neils Feijen. Neils prefers Blue Diamond chalk created by Longoni. This chalk may be a nice price and is considered by several to be the initial “performance chalk”. Blue Diamond comes in packs of 2 and people cubes ar improbably consistent. they appear to perpetually desire that good piece!

Personally, I facet with Champion player Darren Appleton when I say that Predator is my favorite complete of pool chalk. this is often a dry, gritty chalk that has nice adhesion to the tip nevertheless doesn’t appear to induce everywhere the billiard ball. This chalk is octangular too, thus it's a extremely distinctive feel in your hand. Predator chalk comes with 5 items per tube (for beneath $10) thus there's masses to travel around.

Top 5 Pool Cue Chalk

  1. Taom Pool Cue Chalk
  2. Kamui Pool Cue Chalk
  3. Predator Pool Cue Chalk
  4. Blue Diamond Pool Cue Chalk
  5. 5

One among the foremost standard cue tip chalks on the market nowadays. created by Tweetens Fibre of Chicago, Master Cue Chalk can coat the pool or snooker cue tip swimmingly and equally for a certain grip once applying management to the cue ball; as employed by Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump.

Master Snooker sports implement Chalk inexperienced & Blue one hundred forty four Box, is employed by several prime players round the world as a result of its fine, swish texture. created by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, Master Cue Chalk coats the cue tip swimmingly and equally for a certain grip once applying management to the billiard ball.


  • Will not cake or flake like inferior chalks.
  • Available in either inexperienced or blue.
  • Box of one hundred forty four individual cubes.

Taom Snooker & Pool Chalk

This revolutionary chalk is out there in experience (Snooker) and lightweight Blue (Pool).

Taom Chalk is that the new revolution of chalk business. Since its introduction this handcrafted chalk from Finland has created quite name for itself with several skilled players speech that victimisation this chalk they currently get pleasure from ‘kick free’ snooker with no unhealthy contacts. The composition of the chalk additionally reduces dust therefore it doesn't mark the balls or material and even reduces dust on player’s hands. provided as individual circular items in a very bubble pack.

All commonplace Taom Chalk is provided within the revised two.0 variant. Please Note: the value explicit  is for one Piece of Chalk.

Available in a very Snooker Variant (Green) and a Pool Variant (Light Blue)

  • Used by the professionals
  • Grips the spin quite the other chalk
  • No Mess
  • Almost 2x Longer life than the other product

Top 5 Snooker Cue Chalk

  1. Triangle Pool Cue Chalk
  2. Master Pool Cue Chalk
  3. Silver Cup Pool Cue Chalk
  4. 4
  5. 5

The skilled version of the world’s hottest snooker chalk. Triangle Pro-Chalk could be a no expense spared chalk with intercalary ingredients to extend friction and billiard ball management even more, making a sleek feel with unimaginable grip.

Produced by Tweeten Fibre Co. in the USA, the world’s best notable and most revered chalk creating company. This unimaginable chalk is that the good partner for any cue tip you've got on your snooker or cue stick.

A prime quality chalk created within the USA by Tweetens Fibre company, the exact same company that brings you Elkmaster tips. This chalk is incredibly fashionable each amateur and skilled players alike.  Marketed because the “King of them All”, Triangle chalk is accessible in red, blue or inexperienced.


  • 12 cubes of real Triangle snooker or cue stick chalk.
  • Available in inexperienced, red or blue.

Do you want to make chalk hold to your cue tip better?

Technically anyone who answered ‘no’ to that is in the wrong frame of mind somehow.  The Tip Pik (pictured) with its set of spikes will perforate the tip slightly thus allowing more chalk to be captured between the fibres.  This is great news if you want to cut down on miscues and gain better control over the cue ball.  Altogether a really great tool for the pool cue case.  Just don’t over use it.  It can make a tip unusable for those who over enthusiastically use this every two seconds.

Available from every good stockist of pool equipment.