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Master Blue Cue Chalk
Master Blue Cue Chalk

Master Billiard Pool Snooker Cue Chalk

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Universally acknowledged to be one of the finest chalks on the market is the ever-famous Master Billiard Pool Chalk. Proudly made by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, this chalk possesses a remarkable texture that covers pool cue tips smoothly and evenly. Master Billiard/Pool Chalk has been a standard for pool players because of its ability to perform well, consistently deliver excellent results, and affordability.

This professional-grade billiard chalk presents a leveled, uniform, and even coverage that will not flake off the cue despite of the continuous usage. As contrasted with other pool chalks in this cost range, Master Billiard/Pool Chalk has just the ideal standard of tackiness. It holds so well to the pool cue for performing on the optimal surface needed to take your dream shot in a pool game. The proper and smooth coat helps to avoid disastrous miscues when breaking or forming a shot. It has just the perfect uniformity that produces zero mess at all on and about the pool table and on the pool balls. It also goes on the tip nicely and is very easy to apply.

Lag the break

Master Billiard/Pool Chalk is not particularly messy or clean as well. While deep in color, this chalk is moderately pigmented. This actually results in more center-focused shots with much less miscue possibility. It is produced from the purest level of velvet-grade silica, establishing its maximum adherence and friction qualities. All boxes contain 12 cubes of Master Billiard/Pool Chalk for easy storage of the chalks. It comes in 10 good-looking colors for the handler’s preference to pick and select from gold, green, metallic gray, red, and more.

Run the rack

There is a reason a lot of professional players partake in a fondness for this specific brand of chalk on their leather cue tips and that is simply because it proposes a smooth and even coating feel all throughout the surface. Master Billiard/Pool Chalk just simply gets the job done anytime and anywhere with no frills and is created for those who call for a really great quality chalk at an even greater value.

Cue Chalk Specifications

Cubes: 12 per box
Colors: Blue, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Green, Gold, Gray, Rust, Red, Sky Blue and Spruce