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Pool Cue Tips

Pool Cue Tips

Elk Master Cue Tip 

Crafted from prime mineral tanned animal skin.  The cervid Master tips ar created within the USA by the Tweeten Fibre Company, a similar company that creates Triangle and Masters Chalk. the information ar fertile with chalk for fewer miscues.

These tips ar obtainable to shop for as a pack of fifty in their original box (as per image).  These 5 pack tips are going to be decanted from the box  shown  and provided in a very tiny re-sealable bag to form it less expensive for our customers.  Tips ar obtainable within the following sizes:

Chalking your cue tip should be an every shot occurence.  The reason being that when we do not chalk the tip it becomes easy for the fibres within the tip to become impacted.  When they are impacted then it becomes very hard for the tip to ‘grip’ the cueball.  The chalk holds the fibres open and stops them from fusing together.

Elk Master Pool Cue Tip

Elk Master Tip 5 Pack ?? Snooker & Pool Cue Tips

Elk Master Tip 5 Pack ?? Snooker & Pool Cue Tips ?? Crafted from prime mineral tanned leather.  The Elk Master tips are made in the USA by the Tweeten Fibre Company, the same company that makes Triangle and Masters Chalk. The tips are impregnated with chalk for less miscues.

These tips are available to buy as a pack of fifty in their original box (as per image).  These five pack tips will be decanted from the box  shown  and supplied in a small re-sealable bag to make it more cost-effective for our customers.  Tips are available in the following sizes:

  • 8mm
  • 8.5mm
  • 9mm
  • 9.5mm
  • 10mm
  • 11mm
  • 12mm
Blue Diamond Pool Cue Tip

Blue Diamond Cue Tips

Easy to fit and easy to shape which is why this is one of the most popular tips.

There are many cue tips on the market, but still by far the most popular seller through our own website are the Blue Diamond leather cue tips.

Made by Brunswick these tips have been the favorite of many snooker and pool players over many decades and continue to be consistant in quality and performance.

Despite variations in cue making techniques without doubt one of the most important features on any cue is the tip itself and the importance of a good quality tip can not be over stated.

We use 10mm tips for all cues as it makes fitting easier. You can see how we change tips by clicking here. These tips are sold singular but you can change the qty to as many as you need.

Choosing The Perfect Pool Cue Tip

When you’re buying a new pool cue or shaft, you might wonder which tip is right for your style of play.   Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your tips. Tip can be one of three difference hardness levels; soft, medium or hard.  Depending on the brand of tips,  selecting a your favorite type of cue tip, just like selecting the right type of cue, is a matter of personal preference.  Tips vary in densities as well as the materials they are composed of.  They range in degrees of hardness from soft to extra hard.  You may need to evaluate your level of play.