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Cues – Help Improve Your Skills


In choosing the perfect pool cue for your needs, go with the brands that are trusted by many and flawless reputations. These companies are committed to providing quality and outstanding performance. When it comes to cue balls, there are three brands known for their durability, high-quality, and innovative products – the Predator, Dufferin, and Peradon.

Australian 8 Ball Pool Cues For Sale

They are designed for the 7' x 3'/6" Australia Eight Ball Pool Table and 2” balls.


Dufferin Cues are known for their exceptional quality. The brand is known for cues straightness as the wood is well-dried and turned to. It has an impressive high gloss smooth protection against UV. Because of Dufferin Cues' quality and durability, you can use the clue for years of play.

8 Ball Cue

Dufferin S101 2 PCE Cue 2 Piece 57” Green Double Flame with 9mm Elkmaster Tip

Dufferin S101 2 PCE ash shaft displays its unique grain producing a timeless classic that is both traditional and modern in design. This cue features double flame inlays in green that have a seamless flow. The conventional brass joint is at the three-quarter length, so you can add an extension easily to their cue.

The cue also includes an extender that can be attached to a threaded insert hidden in the leather bumper at the butt. Because of this, you have the option to play the long or medium shots on the 7’ x 3’/6” Australian Eight Ball snooker tables. It has an 8 mm brass ferrule and a 9mm Elkmaster leather tip.

Barracuda Ash 2 Piece Cue High Grade 57” Ash Cue Machine Spliced Rosewood Butt

Barracuda Ash is a stylish 57 inches premium quality cue that is popular for its professional tapered oiled Ash shaft. It has an exotic spliced rosewood butt. This cue has brass ferrule with a durable 9.5 mm glue on the tip. If you are a player who wants to put a spin and get more work on the ball, then this cue is a good choice.

The cue is made from North American Ash. Transporting it to pool halls or anywhere you need to play pool is easy since you can break it into two pieces and store it away when not in use. Carrying this cue with Barracuda Ash printed on the base, you will have all the confidence you need once you step up into the pool table.

Dufferin ¾ Snooker Cue 801

This cue from Dufferin has ¾ jointed cue with joint configured at around 16 inches from the butt end. Dufferin ¾ Snooker Cue has conventional design crafted from the high-quality North American Ash. The butt has a four-point butterfly style splice with white and purple flames. The butt has a distinct UV lacquer finish to resist scratching, yellowing, chipping, and fading. The shaft is hand finished using a special French wax to keep the wood protected and provide the shaft smoothness to glide into your fingers easily with less friction.

This Dufferin cue uses solid brass to provide a solid hit that more players want to do. It has a 10mm brass ferrule with a blue Elk Master tip. This affordable snooker cue can provide a solid and consistent hit and has a classic look. The brand is known all over the world for manufacturing quality cues since 1967.

American 9 Ball Pool Cues For Sale:

They are designed for the 9' x 4'/6" American Nine Ball Pool Table and 2 1/4” balls.


Among the three brands, Predator is known as the leader in the billiard industry’s technological evolution since the day it was launched in 1994. The company is committed to continuing to innovate its design and craftsmanship in every product they produce. The Predator cues help you improve your accuracy and consistency.

9- Ball Cue

Predator 314-3 Shaft Uniloc with Black Collar 9Ball

The Predator 314-3 is an all-around and the most forgiving shaft. Because of its cutting-edge shaft technology, the guesswork is reduced. Thus, it is much easier to pocket more balls. It is even better as compared to its predecessor. The shaft has been improved and modified for greater overall consistency.

Predator 314-3 has remarkable low-deflection. The re-engineered front end is stronger, more flexible, and lighter that enables the cue ball to push the shaft aside, therefore, reducing the cue ball deflection. The product’s low deflection shafts provide accuracy and increased rotation through the unique combination of stiffness, mass, and strength.

Predator Poison VX Jump Cue in Grey or Red

For low friction, the Predator Poison VX Jump Cue has a red matte finish with a black stripe forearm. For maximum grip, the shaft is wrapped with grey and red design GTX grip. It has a mini radial joint at both jump and shaft sections.

Its Venom2 Double Density brake shaft has a matte finish with DD Technology and with quick-change matching mini radial joints. The jump cue weighs 8.9 oz without the butt handle. This jump cues have everything you require to break the competition without emptying your bank.

Predator Panthera 3.1 57” 2 Piece High-Grade Maple C Exclusively Numbered 9Ball

Predator Panthera 3.1 is the latest generation of the Panthera series. This cue draws inspiration from the fierce and vibrant predatory cats that are known as apex Predators. The company will release only 100 individually signed and numbered Panthera 3, which makes them an extraordinary piece to behold.

The shaft options include 314-3, Vantage, Z3 +20. Predator victory medium tip is the standard tip with radial pin joint and no-wrap cue.

English Snooker Cues For Sale:

Designed for the 12' x 6’ English Snooker Table. And 2 1/16” balls.


Peradon cues are made from premium quality material. The company is the oldest known cue makers in the world. Founded in 1885, the company introduces and manufacture hand spliced cue. It sets the standards that other brands follow. The manufacturing plant of the brand is based on England in their Liverpool factory.

Peradon Edwardian Cue 2 Piece S1332 Made in the UK

Peradon in England crafted this full size 58” two-piece cue from kiln-dried, exotic ebony, and North America Ash. The Ash is carefully chosen for straightness and strength before machine splicing to the finest Ebony butt timber. This cue has a solid brass ferrule and a 9.5 to 10 mm Elkmaster tip.

The cue has undergone several finishing processes to get a unique, silk-smooth cue shaft, with a traditional shaped butt and a genuine leather butt pad finished.

Peradon Joe Davis Cue 2 Piece S1202 Made in the UK

Peradon Joe Davis is made from the finest quality materials. The Ash is machine spliced to an ebony butt section, before the ebony front and sycamore veneer are added to further enhance the look. They obtain a silk-smooth finish, thorough sanding and finishing processes are used before the patented quick-release joints are attached to the cue. Thus, it is compatible with all extensions in different Peradon cues.

The two-piece is transformed from a single piece of solid brass and fitted to make sure the grain on every section of the cue is aligned accurately. Just like other Peradon cues, this one also has solid brass ferrule and equipped with a 9.5 to 10mm Elkmaster tip.

Joe Davis features the signature of the popular player. Davis loved Peradon cue and has given the company the right to use his name in endorsing the products.

Barracuda Gold Medal ¾ Cue High Grade 57” Ash Cue

The Barracuda Gold Medal Cue is 57 inches long with a brass middle joint that measures 28.25 inches North American Ash. The cue shaft is made of timber matched at the joint with low friction finish. It has a solid brass ferrule with a 9mm leather tip.

This stunning gold Ash cue with a reptile scale effect is hand spliced to the Ebony butt. To reduce the stress to the timbers, the cue is then shaped within a certain period of time until it achieved the final tapered shape. Several sanding and finishing processes are done to achieve a silky-smooth finish.

Cue Care and Maintenance:

Below are tips on maintaining cue to keep it on top shape and last longer:

Tip Maintenance

  • The tip is an essential part of a cue. You need to keep its shape and holds chalk well-maintained to help it function at its best. There should be enough chalk on the tip.
  • The tip should be shaped similar to the radius of a nickel or dime. Most tools have a gauge with it. In case it is not within that shape, you place a tip shaper on the floor with the bowl side up.
  • To shape the tip, turn the cue upside down place the tip of the cue in the sharper bowl.
  • Rotate the cue as you pivot the cue back and forth. You mustn't over-sand it as you might damage it. Remember, you are only shaping the tip and not sanding it down.
  • To roughen the leather tip, use a tip-pik and scuffer. It is best to have deep perforations for better chalk retention and optimum ball control.
  • Place a small amount of wax on the outer edge of the tip and burnish. By doing this, you will be able to protect the tip from mushrooming and will sharpen your sights when it comes to cue tip and the ball.

Maintaining the Shaft

Clean the shaft if the cue becomes sticky or dirty. Follow the steps below:

  • Use no. 600 wet/dry sandpaper, no. 0000 steel wool, or white scotch bright pad in cleaning the shaft from the ferrule, down 10-15 inches.
  • Use 20 dollar bill, a piece of brown paper, or undyed leather to burnish the shaft until it is hot to touch. The shaft will have a polished feel and look, which enables the shaft to slide smoothly in your fingers without using a glove.
  • Applying a small amount of conditioner into the shaft is also a good way of cleaning it.

Other Maintenance Tips

  • In cleaning the ferrule, you can use a polish with a dampened cotton cloth and twist the ferrule as you clean it between your fingers.
  • To reduce friction on the joint pin, add a drop of silicon, graphite, or shaft treatment.
  • Never use water in cleaning the cue stick.

Mitchell Elkmaster 10mm Stick Blister Pack

The hard tip of a cue stick needs less maintenance to make it last longer. The best advice that we can give you is once you have found the brand of tip you like, stop chopping and changing, stick with it.

Mitchell Elkmaster tip is made of specially treated leather, and the manufacturer assures every tip. If you want superior accuracy use the Mitchell Elkmaster.

Tip Sander Pen Top Type Round

Tip Sander Pen is a cue tip shaper in a pen-style clip. You can place it in your pocket for easy and fast access. It is not just for shaping but a good conditioning tool as well when playing. The body is made of plastic with sandpaper lining.

This tool can keep your pool and snooker cue tip sharper and in the right shape. It helps the tip on top condition. Tip Sander Pen can keep your cue tip buffing up.

Chalk Triangle Pro Green

The Chalk Triangle Pro Green is manufactured by Tweeten Fibre known in producing Master Chalk. The company is recognized worldwide as the most respected chalk manufacturer. It offers an increased grip together with a smooth feeling.

Play by the rules:

Eight Ball Rules

Players may commit some errors as a result you might violate the rules. The referee will take the needed action right away based on the games. Check out the complete Eight Ball rules at are as follows:

K Standard Fouls

Referees can call a standard foul as soon as they see one and call the attention of the player. Some of the fouls under the K Standard Fouls violation are as follows:

  • Potting the cue ball. In-Off. The incoming player plays from Baulk.
  • Playing from outside Baulk when obliged to play from Baulk.
  • Potting an opponent’s ball.
  • Playing out of turn. A player who plays a shot right away after playing a foul or instantly after the referee has called a foul on that player, has played out of turn.
  • Striking the cue ball by accident with any part of the cue other than the tip.
  • Striking an Object Ball by accident with any part of the cue tip or cue.
  • Making a shot before all balls have come to rest from the previous shot.

Nine Ball Rules

There are some rules that govern the nine ball that involve the cues and cue stick and some of them are listed below. The complete nine ball rules are listed in

Cue Stick on the Table

If the player uses his cue stick to align a shot by positioning it on the table without his hand on the stick, it will be considered as foul.

Snooker Rules

Also included in the snooker rules are the guidelines on the shape and the measurement needed to achieve an accurate shot. The Snooker Rules are based on


The cue should be measured not less than 3 ft (914 mm) in length, and there will be no change from the traditional tapered shape and form, with a tip, used in striking the cue-ball, secured to the thinner end.

Play the Game:

Peradon is a popular company when it comes to billiard cues. They have more experience and the oldest cue markets worldwide. So, if you are planning to buy quality snooker cue, then Peradon is a good brand to choose from.

It was in 1885 when Peradon introduced their products in the world, including the cue makers. They are the one who sets the standards in manufacturing the hand spliced cue.

Peradon cues remain as one of the best cues in the market today.

Pros and Cons:

Just like other products, there are pros and cons of using the cues when playing. Some of them are listed below:


  • Using cues can help you hit those shots, particularly if you are too tall or a bit shorter. A 6’4” players or taller need a longer cue. For short players, they need a longer cue to help them reach more shots.
  • It helps stroke straight without the need to steer around the player’s body around. This will help players to angle their forearm properly when hitting the cue ball.
  • If you usually grip the bumper at the bottom of the cue, you need a bit longer stick. Using a ½ or 1-inch long shaft can make the cue longer without losing the playability.
  • Cue sticks can help you position your hand and body to make an accurate shot.


  • Some cues are short or longer than the claimed length. As a result, instead of helping the player to make an accurate shot, it may lead to a foul or missed hit.

Health and Wellbeing

The next time you hear the words sports and fitness, consider that physical activity—through safe sports and exercises—will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and reduce extra weight. The real benefit: your joints will become more stable, and you’ll be less likely to have bleeds and pain. 

Burn Calories

Although this game is not as strenuous as the others, the walk you can do playing billiards is equivalent to at least one mile of walking. It is much healthier compared to sitting and watching TV.

Builds Focus

To pocket your shot without knocking that 8-ball, you need a lot of focus. This is what you do in the pool table. Playing billiards can help you build the kind of skills, which can be helpful whenever you are away from the table as well.

Improves Critical Thinking Abilities

Your critical thinking skills are also improved by playing this game. Figuring what shot to take or placement of the cue ball requires logical thinking.

Slows Down Aging in Men

A study shows that men drinking beer while playing billiards with friends can remain active and delays the process of aging.

Improves Stretching and Balancing

If you need to do some stretching, playing billiards is a good activity to engage with. You can bend across on top of the table to reach the cue ball at the desired angle, mainly if it requires complex shots.

Sharpens Your Mind

Most of the regular players of billiards have sharper minds as you need to use your mental mathematical calculation and estimates as you play the game.

The secret of winning this game is to have better hand-eye coordination. Your hands will become agile and can perform finite and small tasks.

If you want to win your next competition, use Peradon, Predator, or Dufferin cues.

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Jump And Break Cues

When taking part in pool – whether or not at a recreational or skilled level – it’s vital to acquaint yourself with the wide selection of pool cues that area unit offered, so as to allow the foremost no-hit game you'll be able to. The jump and break cue could be a usually yank vogue cue that's most frequently sold-out among the yank market. However, British pool players area unit more and more incorporating them into their repertoires.

The jump and break cue is usually employed in 9-ball and 10-ball, wherever it’s acceptable for the player to leap the stun associate billiard ball if snookered. So, however, is that this achieved? however, will the jump and break cue physically disagree with its ancient counterpart? The jump and break cue is considerably shorter than ancient pool cues – with a tougher tip – that makes for a stronger hit for jumping the balls.

This is additionally helpful once it involves break cues in their title, as they're wont to begin the sport and need this hardened tip to supply the foremost power doable to the initial shot.

We have a variety of jump and break cues available – either reciprocally exclusive models or pool cues that area unit appropriate for each need – with cueSports being a celebrated provider of pool and snooker cues within the Nottinghamshire space. With a range of prime quality brands to settle on from, it’s all regarding personal preference once it involves your purchase of jump and break cues from cueSports.

Contact North American country nowadays with any queries that you simply could have concerning our jump and break cues, making certain that you simply opt for the correct complete and model before choosing your purchase.

8 Ball Pool Cues

We tend to provide a variety of prime quality eight Ball Pool Cues at reasonable costs. Our eight Ball pool cues begin from $39.99, move up to $499.99, which means you'll be able to opt for the proper eight Ball Cue for your budget and taking part in vogue. The brands that we tend to presently provide embody Cannon (manufactured by Peradon in Liverpool), Peradon (manufactured in Liverpool) and Cue Craft (manufactured in Nottinghamshire); nowadays 3 of the leading cue makers within the English eight Ball pool market.

Within every section below you'll notice a range of various eight Ball pool cues to fit your desires. normal eight Ball cue sizes usually alternate between fifty-five and fifty-seven inches (depending on the manufacturer you choose) and also the weights may also take issue for every individual cue. a lot of customisable selections square measure obtainable within the Cue Craft and Peradon sections below, like 1/2 and 4/5 articulate eight Ball Pool Cues or adjustable mini butt and short butt joints. Cannon provides a less complicated alternative of eight Ball Pool Cues at more cost-effective costs for the players United Nations agency square measure setting out to have interaction with the sport or United Nations agency aren't regular competitive players.

With Cue Craft, some things square measure a lot of customisable than others, with choices that will be modified betting on your taking part in preference. These choices include: joint, Cue Length, Cue Weight, collet and Joint material, Joint position, Tip create and Tip Size; every customisable possibility can have an effect on the quality value of the cue once it's chosen. Our eight Ball pool cues that square measure presently obtainable square measure made up of a range of materials, as well as however not restricted to: North yank Ash, Rosewood, Mexican Rosewood, Ebony and Sycamore. Fixtures and fittings are available brass as normal with all our eight Ball pool cues however are often custom-made  to chrome steel with designated Cue Craft cues.

American 9 Ball Cue

The purchase of your snooker or cue is AN improbably vital one, that is equally the case once it involves yank pool cues from cueSports. ensuring that you just decide the correct complete, right model and right take into account your yank cue will take a while, thus we’re here to assist you on your journey.

With costs starting from as very little as £39.99, up to skilled normal yank pool cues at $500, there’s one thing for each enjoying level and budget obtainable from US here at cueSports. we've got additionally sorted our yank pool cues by their brands, to form it easier if you’re searching for a specific vogue or model of the cue.

Some samples of yank cue brands that we've got to supply here at cueSports include: CueTec, Buffalo, and Balabushka, that square measure all noted names at intervals the trade. we have a tendency to perceive that purchasing your next yank cue is AN investment, thus we wish to confirm you’re obtaining the simplest quality product at a competitive worth.

Be sure to try to your analysis before jumping into your purchase – with much info listed for every product we've got obtainable in our yank cue section – you’ll make certain to search out the correct one (or two!).

Our friendly consultants are reachable to answer any of your yank cue connected queries and try to unite you with the proper cue for your enjoying vogue and budget. With years of expertise below our belts, we have a tendency to square measure assured in our ability to assist you to discover AN yank cue that may assist you improve your game and wreak a a lot of pleasant expertise than fiddling with low-cost, inferiority cues.

3/4 Joint  Snooker Cues

There area unit several reasons that snooker players might want a ¾ articulated snooker cue. you'll merely like the planning of this sort or cue, otherwise, you might want a cue onto that you'll attach associate extension at the tip for a lot of military science play. no matter your reason for wanting a ¾ jointed snooker cue, here at cueSports, we have a tendency to area unit proud to supply our customers our marvelous vary of ¾ articulated cues for casual or skilled use.

Our wonderful vary of ¾ articulated snooker cues area unit provided by world famed snooker makers like Cannon, Cue Craft and Peradon, returning during a kind of ancient and fashionable designs. All of Cannon’s ¾ articulated cues – like the Cannon Tornado – area unit created with rigorously elect ash wood shaft and solid brass joints. they're conjointly fitted with Cannon’s quick-release joint system for simple detachment and reattachment. For a lot of distinctive players, Cue Craft supply many stylish themed ranges of cue covering exotic birds to Greek gods, whereas Peradon supply a good choice of curiously blotchy cues.

Of course, a ¾ articulated snooker cue is most helpful once it's attachments to travel with it. Handily, we have a tendency to also are ready to give these attachments for you. several of our ¾ articulated cues go along with a half dozen in. mini butt to allow your cue that small further reach, while Cue Craft’s huge alternative of cues conjointly goes along with a free further mini butt to supply further length to your cue once needed.

Although they will be tiny, a snooker cue will create an enormous impression. Having the correct snooker cue will go a protracted method towards providing your best performance and creating a fashion statement at your native snooker club. We tend to square measure proud to produce our customers with the proper centre articulate snooker cues.

True to their name, centre articulate snooker cues square measure characterized by the joint within the middle of the cue that permits them to be dissembled. For this reason, they're additionally called 2-piece snooker cues. we tend to stock centre articulate cues from corporations as respected as BCE, Cue Craft, Peradon and Power Glide, in a massive form of antique and fashionable designs.

Take, for instance, our Powerglide Cirrus 2-piece snooker cue, a 57-inch cue that comes in white with blue and gold details and a stainless-steel joint. With its fashionable edge, this cue is certain to create alternative snooker players listen to your play. What regarding Peradon’s additional traditional-looking snooker cues below their Cannon complete, with their ash wood shafts and solid brass joints? whether or not you’re trying to find a cue with an additional up to date style or would love to precise your Edwardian vogue with our Peradon Edwardian cue, we are going to have the correct 2-piece snooker cue for your individual vogue.

All our centre articulate snooker cues square measure straightforward to dismantle and store, creating them straightforward for you to finish off and play with another day.

We would like all our customers to be glad with the centre articulate cues we provide. If you'd prefer to obtain one in all our several centre joined snooker cues, please take a glance at the vary we've on the market or get connected with US by phone or email. We’d be delighted to produce you with the proper cue.