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Snooker and Pool Balls – Everything You Need to Win

Whether you’re an experienced player looking for ball replacements or a beginner just starting your collection, with our full range of snooker and pool balls, we are guaranteed to have the perfect solution for you. We have an extensive quality selection of both pool table balls and snooker balls as well as American pool balls and full-size snooker balls for sale. We also have spare balls, practice balls, and billiard balls on hand. Our product range is listed below.

So, get yourself the professional equipment that will allow you to play your sport the way you’ve always wanted to. Browse our collection today and discover your new favorite pool and snooker equipment. Free shipping is given on all orders over £50.

2” Australian Pool balls for sale:

They are designed for the 7' x 3'/6" Australia Eight Ball Pool Table. These balls are 2” in diameter and red and yellow in color.

Casino Aramith 2” Pro Cup Striped No. 8 Ball

Around 80% of billiard players worldwide are using Aramith balls. The balls are made of pure phenolic, which is five times stronger as compared to other balls made of polyester or other polymers.

Because of the brand’s exceptional playing characteristics, these balls are used almost all the Tournaments worldwide.  Reduced wear and tear thanks to its extra hard vitrified phenolic surface. The burn areas on both cloth and balls are also minimized, which helps you save money over time.

Casino Aramith 2” Super Premier

Just like other Aramith balls, this super premiere is made of pure phenolic resin, which is five times stronger than other balls. This set has object balls at 2 inches, and one spotted white at 1 7/8 inches. It comprises of either blue and yellow or red and yellow used most of the time commercially.

The cue ball is a bit smaller, so it can pass through coin-operated tool tables and can be returned after use. The balls are of premium quality as compared to others. Casino Aramith 2” Super Premier has professional specifications when it comes to balance, roundness, hardness, density, diameter, color, weight, and glossiness.

Cue Ball 1 7/8” Aramith Pro Cup 6 Red Dots

You might have seen this cue ball with six red dots on televised billiards tournaments. Aramith has produced this unique red dotted cue ball and made it available to the public. This unique cue ball is the same ball that you see on ESPN. The red dots let you see how the cue ball spin.

Since it is from Aramith, it is made from phenolic resin, which makes it durable and impacts resistant balls. Based on the test done to Aramith Balls, the balls remain its premium quality playable state even after 400,000 hits as compared to others that deteriorate easily.

2 1/4” American Pool balls for sale:

They are designed for the 9' x 4'/6" American Nine Ball Pool Table. These balls are 2 ¼” in diameter and a solid or stripe in color.

2 ¼” Tournament Black Kelly Pool Balls Aramith

The Aramith Tournament Black Kelly set features the Duramith technology with top of the art engineered molecular structure that drastically improves the durability of the balls, reducing the table cloth wear. As compared to average polyester and phenol-like resins, it can last up to 40 years when used at home. Aramith ball sets are the highly recommended billiard ball both by players and traders.

The latest Duramith formulation the Aramith 4th generation cross new boundaries, assuring you that you can have the set at low cost. The set includes a dotted cue ball with six red dots. It is designed this way for precision shots and repositioning. The no.4 and 12 balls are color pink, and the no.7 and 15 balls are brown.

Kelly Pool Aramith 2 ¼” Pro Cup TV

Duramith Technology is now on its 4th generation. It is wholly refurbished resin formulation with the latest hi-tech reticulation, curing technologies, and cross-linking, the Aramith products are the benchmark in durability, longevity, and quality, boosting their service life up to 50%.

Made in Belgium, and is made using an innovative process. The Kelly Pool Aramith 2 ¼ inches is a combination of incomparable characteristics of phenolic resin with the impressive Belgian craftsmanship. The balls from Aramith can last five times longer as compared to other balls made from polyester or polymers.

The balls are round and balanced with uniform hardness and weight and come in brilliant colors. Also, the billiard balls are friction-resistant, so these balls roll smoothly and react accordingly. It's because of these features, which makes the players trust the brand. Aramith balls are internationally approved for various tournaments all over the world.

Training Ball 2 ¼ inches Jim Rempe

This training ball is recommended for both advanced and new players with two-sided 2 ¼ inch training cue ball and a 56-page instruction manual. This ball will teach you the secrets of a professional.

Jim Rempe Aramith premium quality training ball has two different patterns under the surface of the ball, which makes it wear-resistant. The ball has 13 detailed drawings, each displaying multiple variations. Included in the package is a pocket-sized manual to instruct you on how to use the patterns in controlling the cue ball.

The training ball has an advanced and beginner player side to help you progress. The two unique ball patterns will serve as your guide where to hit the cue ball for a better stroke. With a more accurate delivery of cue stick to the cue balloptimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion so you will have a better position on your succeeding shots.

2 1/16” English Snooker balls for sale:

They are designed for the 12' x 6’ English Snooker Table. These balls are 2 1/16” in diameter and solid colors.

Snooker Aramith 2 1/16” 1G Superpro 22 Red and 5 Colored Balls

This snooker and pool balls set are available in brilliant colors, impressive durability with a reliable and accurate weight tolerance. These features have made this set the only choice of professionals and are used in all major professional snooker competitions all over the world.

The brand has been supplying the snooker balls for World Snooker Professional Players Association for over 40 years as well as in the International Billiard and Snooker Federation that represents amateur players all over the world.

The ball's weight complies with the allowed maximum weight. Aramith balls comply with the maximum weight tolerance set by the tournament organizers. As compared to other snooker balls brand, the weight difference is 3 grams. The maximum weight tolerance is only 1 gram. It only means that there will be incorrect responses from the cue ball due to the better positional play.

Snooker Aramith 2 1/6” TC Tournament Championships

This 2 1/6” tournament championship set is the best snooker ball set available in the market today. It comes with some unique features. Just like other Aramith snooker balls, the weight complies with what the authority has set. The allowed maximum weight disparity between standard balls and the Aramith TC Pro Cup snooker set is 3 grams, while the maximum weight tolerance for WSA is only 1 gram.

All the sets used in the International Billiard and Snooker Federation comes from Aramith. The IBSF tournaments are for amateur players all over the world. The record-holder professionals worldwide use the Snooker Aramith 2 1/6” Tournament set. The ball set is now available to the general public.

Some of the useful features of this set include consistent roundness, high-luster finish that reduces cloth and ball wear, accurate weight, and size. Made of highly elastic resin, thus have a longer life span of more than 80% as compared to the Standard Phenol and Polyester Balls.

The set includes cue ball, 15 without number red, and six colored balls 2 to 7. Take note that this set does not weigh the same as compared to the standard pool size or snooker size balls. If you are in search of a play on a standard pool table, the correct size is 2 1/4 “.

Training Ball 2 1/6” NIC Burrows

The NIC Burrows training ball is available in two different patterns to enhance potting skills, knowledge of side-spin and cue ball control.

In improving the player’s aiming, potting, and sighting skills, this training ball can help you. The cue ball side enables you to master your cue action as well as the positioning using a simple grid system. This is where you hit the cue ball.

Also included in this training ball is a cue ball calculator. It is an innovative tool that can help you in calculating where to position the cue ball for your succeeding shots. Place in on the table so you will have a better view of where you will place the cue ball. Also included is a 16-page instruction booklet with diagrams and explanations.

Care and Maintenance:

Professional pool and snooker equipment need proper caring and storing to maintain its quality. This is why billiard equipment stores also offer accessories for storing and maintaining your gear, including ball accessories, ball cases, and ball cleaner.


If you notice that your pool balls are getting dirty more often, and loses its luster easily, use the Aramith Ball Cleaning Solution. Put a small amount of cleaner on the cloth and wipe the balls one by one. Do this after playing. The balls will return to their original shine. Shake the bottle before applying. Available in 8.4 floz.


If you want a better result, don’t just use regular cleaning cloth. Use the Aramith Microfiber Cloth.

The cloth has high resistance with durable fiber and “w” anchorage on its structure. It only means that no fiber will stick on the ball’s surface.

  • It can absorb 8x its weight in grease and 4x its weight in water.
  • With its 0.6/10.000 m fiber thickness, it ensures exceptional cleaning performance. It also works best, even on scratches or defects.
  • Effective in removing dust from the ball’s surface because of its curly shaped fibers. The microfiber collects the dust through the electrostatic effect.
  • It has high-density fiber at 40,000 fibers/cm2 assures quality result.
  • Keeps your hand dry as you clean the ball because of its flexible protective underlayer coating.
  • Better dimensional stability. It does not shrink after washing



During a tournament or competition, this pool ball marker is the perfect tool for moving the ball around. It keeps the track clean and removes any obstacle.

Using the marker is easy. Position the marker behind the ball. Then remove the ball and leave the marker lying on the spot where the ball was removed. With the marker’s help, you can position the cue ball back where it was.

This ball marker is made from transparent acrylic and is available in four sizes for snooker, cue balls, casino balls, pool, billiard, and 8 balls.

Play by the rules:

Eight Ball Rules

In the Eight-Ball Pool, the players should play the game in a sportsmanlike manner. For any violation of the rules, the Referee will take the necessary action as written on the game rules. Some of the essential Eight Ball Rules posted at are as follows:

Foul Snooker

If a player notices that there is Foul Snooker present, the gamer can request the referee for a ruling. Once the referee ruled out that Foul Snooker exists, the player can choose from the following:

  • Play the Cue Ball from where it is positioned.
  • Request the referee to remove the Cue Ball to enable the player to play from Baulk.

Foul Jaw Snooker

In case the opponent committed a foul, and the Cue Ball comes to rest or close to a Jaw that prevents the gamer from doing the finest cut on both sides, the player is referred to as Foul Snookered and the rules referring to Foul Snookers will be used.

Nine Ball Rules

Just like in Eight Ball, the Nine Ball also has some governing rules the player should follow. The Nine Ball is played using nine numbered balls (1 to 9) and a cue ball. The balls are hit in ascending order—the first player who can pocket the ball bearing the number 9 wins. The following are some of the standard fouls a player can commit during the game, as listed in

Wrong Ball First

The rule of the game is to pocket the balls in ascending order. The cue ball should hit the right ball. Hitting a particular ball which you should not hit first is a foul.

Ball Driven Off the Table

Hitting the ball and driving an object ball off the table is a foul. It depends on the rules of the game if the ball is spotted or not.

Snooker Rules

To win snooker, you need to score more points over your opponent. With the use of the cue ball pot the red and colored balls. A player or team can win the match if they have achieved the best score from a number of frames. Below are some of the fouls that referee can call out in Snooker Rules based on

  • If the striker failed to make a stroke, that is the end of their turn, and the referee will announce the penalty.
  • Ball not correctly spotted will maintain its position except if off the table it needs to be spotted correctly.
  • The points scored during the break before a foul is given shall count, but the striker will not score any points for any ball pocketed in a foul stroke.

Play the Game

Saluc, founded in 1923, is a company specializing in tannery products, but in 1950 it focuses on billiard balls. At present, Saluc is producing and distributing billiard balls under the trademark Aramith worldwide and has a market share of over 85% around the world.

The company also has a chemical plant where they produce the resin used in manufacturing billiard balls. Because of this integration, the company was able to lower the price and assures quality products.

Pros and Cons

The worldwide tournaments and other events use Aramith ball sets as their reference, regardless if it is snooker, pool, carom, or other disciplines. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Aramith snooker and pool balls.


  • Assure optimal rebound for better control on every shot and reduce the risk for kicks. 
  • Great balance that assures true and accurate roll.
  • Durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Produces minimal marks on cloth and balls
  • Longer long life
  • Being endorsed worldwide


  • The only drawback is its price, but for many, they believe that it is worth it.

Health and Well-Being

The next time you hear the words sports and fitness, consider that physical activity—through safe sports and exercises—will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and reduce extra weight. The real benefit: your joints will become more stable, and you’ll be less likely to have bleeds and pain. 

Burn Calories

Although this game is not as strenuous as the others, the walk you can do playing billiards is equivalent to at least one mile of walking. It is much healthier compared to sitting and watching TV.

Builds Focus

To pocket your shot without knocking that 8-ball, you need a lot of focus. This is what you do in the pool table. Playing billiards can help you build the kind of skills, which can be helpful whenever you are away from the table as well.

Improves Critical Thinking Abilities

Your critical thinking skills are also improved by playing this game. Figuring what shot to take or placement of the cue ball requires logical thinking.

Slows Down Aging in Men

A study shows that men drinking beer while playing billiards with friends can remain active and delays the process of aging.

Improves Stretching and Balancing

If you need to do some stretching, playing billiards is a good activity to engage with. You can bend across on top of the table to reach the cue ball at the desired angle, mainly if it requires complex shots.

Sharpens Your Mind

Most of the regular players of billiards have sharper minds as you need to use your mental mathematical calculation and estimates as you play the game.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

The secret of winning this game is to have better hand-eye coordination. Your hands will become agile and can perform finite and small tasks.

If you want to win your next competition, use Aramith snooker and pool balls.

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What area unit the variations Between forms of Pool and Snooker Balls?

After a snooker table, the foremost necessary issue you would like to play a game of pool area unit balls! At a primary look, there’s an amazing quantity of various selections to think about, presumably rather more than you at the start thought. This guide can tell you the distinction between the various forms of balls that you simply will get for every kind of cue sport (Snooker, English pool and yank pool).

Cue Sport Ball Basics: normal Vs. Aramith

When it involves cue sports, there area unit generally 2 primary forms of balls that you simply will select between: normal balls, or Aramith balls. Here area unit the fundamental variations between every.

Standard Balls

Standard balls return as a typical with each snooker table, and area unit a decent set if you simply want one thing to induce you started. normal balls tend to be mass made in China with a hardened plastic outer shell, and as a result makes them fairly low cost to shop for and simple to exchange. This makes the quality balls ideal for business environments because of their cheaper nature, however this will bring with it some compromises in quality.

Firstly, while the plastic construction functions, the play response won't be nearly as good as the next quality Aramith ball. This plastic conjointly generates a lot of friction on a table’s fabric, resulting in accumulated wear to the material over time.

Aramith Balls

If you’re searching for one thing that's of knowledgeable quality, then Aramith balls area unit progressing to be what you wish to seem for. These balls area unit specially created in Belgique, and in contrast to the cheaper normal balls, Aramith balls tend to be made up of a harder phenoplast. the whole ball consists of this, that means that if you were to slice AN Aramith spots and Stripes ball down the centre, you'd realize color continues all the manner through the middle! The organic compound typically offers the balls a higher response once taking part in, reduces the friction between the ball and therefore the taking part in surface, ANd conjointly offers the ball an impeccable shine and vivid color.

The English pool is complete with a collection of sixteen balls of 4 totally different colors, the ball set is comprised of:

  • 7 x 2" red balls
  • 7 x 2" yellow balls
  • 1 x 2" black ball
  • 1 x 1 7/8" white cue ball

You can get each normal English balls and Aramith English balls in varied totally different colors looking on your preference. for example, you'll like a collection of blue and yellow balls rather than a collection of reds and yellows (to higher compliment your color of cloth) or perhaps a collection of Yankee vogue spots and stripes if you wish the design.

If you wish to travel even any along with your quality, then a collection of Pro-Cup is that the absolute high finish once it involves English pool balls. once more created by Aramith to exacting standards, however, bear an excellent additional intensive testing and finishing method to create the play of those balls actually second to none. These balls ar even shinier than traditional Aramith balls, play with even higher consistency and as a result, command an excellent higher worth.

American pool balls square measure instantly identifiable for his or her classic spots and stripes style of various colors. needless to say, normal and Aramith balls square measure obtainable for Yankee balls, that commonly escort the subsequent as standard:

  • 8 x 2 1/4 " 'solid' balls numbered 1 to 8
  • 7 x 2 1/4 " 'stripe' balls numbered 9 to 15
  • 1 x 2 1/4 " white cue ball

Unlike English pool balls or snooker balls, yankee balls have more choices obtainable than you'd commonly expect. excluding the quality set and also the Aramith set, other sets do exist. The video covers every set in additional detail, however, a number of these embrace manufacturer exclusive sets (such because the Brunswick Centennial set with their trademark arrowed ball marks and also the ‘Cyclops’ set designed to be used within the Diamond good Tables) and sets with varied colors and appearances. for instance, the Aramith ‘TV’ set (which is employed in several televised tournaments) switches the colors of bound balls to form them a lot of visible and visually appealing on camera.

Snooker balls area unit a bit totally different to pool balls therein you'll be able to get snooker ball sets in 2 different sizes. A smaller two in. set that is right for taking part in on smaller English tables, and bigger two 1/16 in. ‘full size’ snooker balls for taking part in on a bigger dedicated snooker tables. The billiard ball during this case reains a similar size because the object balls still. despite what size you get, you'll get the subsequent balls with every set:

  • 15 x red balls (2 1/16" ball sets)
  • 1 x black ball
  • 1 x pink ball
  • 1 x blue ball
  • 1 x yellow ball
  • 1 x brown ball
  • 1 x green ball
  • 1 x white cue ball

Just like nation ball sets, you're able to get each customary and Aramith sets for Snooker balls in each sizes, still because the additional premium ‘Pro-Cup’ set within the full two 1/16 in. size.

Does thinking about indoor games evoke memories of endless sessions of pool and snooker with your friends? If you are an avid fan of billiards or snooker, you must know about the different types of balls used for the different games. A game of carom is never played with the ball used for American style pool game.

If you only ever play casually, then the type of ball which is used might not concern you too much. However, if you take your games a little more seriously, you will undoubtedly be keen to make sure that you are using balls that are of the correct size. As with any game, whether it be pool, poker, or polo, it is important to use the correct equipment in order to achieve the best result. Therefore, Billiard enthusiasts should make sure they have a good knowledge of correct cue ball size.

Lets take, for example, the ball sets used for snooker games. The standard snooker balls measure 52.5 mm in diameter, however, some balls also measure 52.4 mm. They have no standard weights, however, they usually weigh around 3 g. On the other hand, for a game of three-cushion, straight or balkline, you need balls that are 61.5 mm in diameter.

Do you know how the balls were initially manufactured? They were fashioned out of ivory from elephant tusks. However, today phenolic resin is the most common material used for manufacturing these balls.