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Cue Cases – Carrying Your Pool Cues Safely and Securely

If you are investing in cues, you need something to keep it safe and secure when carrying or transporting them. Reliable and good quality cue cases are what you need. Cue cases are designed and manufactured by various companies. Each of them has a unique style and colours. Some are made of leather, and others are made of aluminum. You must keep the cue protected against a warm, cold environment or humidity. Below are some of the quality cue cases you can consider.

Australian 8 Ball Cue Case for sale:

The following cue cases are designed for the 7' x 3'/6" Australia Eight Ball Pool Table and 2” balls.

Since you have invested a right amount of money on your billiard tools, you want to make sure that it will last for years. When it comes to protecting your billiard supplies such as your cue, you need something to keep it from harm. We offer a wide variety of cue cases to protect your cue that meets your budget. The following Sterling cue cases can help your cue last longer.

8 Ball Cue Cases

Sterling Cue Case 2 PCE 32” Aluminum Black with Chalk Space

This cue case 2 pcs 32” has a durable, foam-lined, lockable aluminum cue case that can help protect your cue from damaging. It can house two pcs cue with a joint in the middle and chalk space. The Sterling Cue Case is strong enough to protect them from outside elements but is light in weight.

This cue case is a bit smaller as compared to the standard case. It has a retractable, reliable carry handle, which makes carrying it easy. The internal padding is designed to provide better protection for your cue. To protect and separate the shaft and butt, it has divider internally.

Cue Case 2 PCE Pink 2002 Simulated Leather by Sterling

Externally this cue case measures around 85 cm long x 8 cm wide x 5 cm deep. Inside it measures around 80 cm long x 7 cm wide x 4 cm deep. This cue case holds 2 PCE with jointed centre cue perfect for your snooker and pool. This Sterling cue case has an attractive and durable foam lined inside that holds the cue tightly and securely.

You are assured that your cues inside are protected as it has a hard construction made from a premium quality leatherette material to provide a stylish appearance. It also has a flexible soft carrying handle for comfortable handling. In assuring the shaft and butt are separated and protected, it has an internal divider. This Sterling pink cue case has metal latches to secure the case. However, the case is not lockable.

Sterling Aluminum Silver Cue Case

This elegant Sterling cue case has an aluminum finish with black trimmings. As compared to other cue cases, this one has a durable nylon latch that can be locked. The keys are included in the package. The case is lined with black foam inside, designed to fit the shaft and butt of a two-piece cue. The two compartments found at the end are intended to hold the tips and chalk.

Externally, it measures around 81 cm long x 7 cm wide x 5 cm deep. On the inside, it measures 76 cm long x 6 cm wide x 4 cm deep. The case can hold one by two pieces centre jointed cue. It is best for snooker and pool cues. Unlike others, this cue case has a chunky plastic reinforced end to keep the case protected from bumps and knocks.

American Pool Cue Case for sale:

The following cue cases are designed for the 9' x 4'/6" American Nine Ball Pool Table and 2 1/4” balls.

Never settle for anything less, choose high-quality and affordable American Pool cue cases. The cue cases we offer will ensure your pool cues are safe and secure as you travel. With our durable pool cue cases, you can play game after game without worrying about bumps and scrapes that could affect your performance. The pool cue case, we are offering can endure any unintentional blows. Below are some of the cue case that meets both your playing style and your preferred design:

9 Ball Cue Cases

Sterling Cue Case Tube Blue Vinyl Holds

Protect your investment with this Sterlings Cue Case Tube Vinyl Holds. This blue American Pool style can hold up to 2-pieces of an American pool cue with an easy to zip opening at one end. Inside the tube is divided into four compartments so that it can accommodate two centres jointed cue or three shafts and one butt.

Outside there are two zipped compartments, the small one if for holding the chalk, and the bigger one is for other accessories such as cue towels. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap for ease of carrying. The oval-shaped cue case has a rubber mould casing and lined in blue, soft material.

Sterling Cue Case Tube Black Vinyl

This black vinyl tube cue case is yet another quality product from Sterling. It has black faux leather with 2-piece American pool cues. It can hold two butts and two shafts securely. This tube cue case is secured with a flip-top cover at one end that is zipped up. Internally the tube case is padded to protect the cues in case of accidental bumps or drop.

Externally the leather used to line the tube is durable enough to protect the cues from dropping and from too much heat. To make it handy, it has a sturdy shoulder strap so it can rest on your shoulder comfortably. The two external pockets are for storing other essential accessories.

Sterling Cue Case Tube Black Gold Vinyl

This Sterling cue case is a bit bigger as compared to others. It can hold two butts and four shafts for your American pool cue, break cue or jump cue securely. This American Pool cue case has a black, faux-leather lining to protect the cue from accidental bumps or drop. The cue case has a zippered flip-top lid.

To hold other essentials and accessories, this cue case is equipped with two external pockets. The smaller can be used in holding the chalks, and the bigger one is for your towels and others.

English Snooker Cue Case for sale:

The following cue cases are designed for the 12' x 6’ English Snooker Table. And 2 1/16” balls.

English snooker cue requires a specific shape of case to hold them. The cue case is available in a shorter and wider size having three padded channels. Most of the cases are made of flocked foam, which is unique as compared to traditional cue cases. Snooker cases price varies depending on the model you choose. So, buying one will not break your bank at all. Below are 3 English snooker cue cases made by Sterling:

Sterling Cue Case ¾ Cue Aluminum Silver

This snooker cue case aluminum silver is a durable compartment for three-piece snooker or pool cues. Sterling manufactures it, so you are assured that it is made of quality material. The interior is cushioned with two sections for the cue. Externally it has heavy gauge aluminum that offers the best protection and security for your cue.

It has a secure carry handle with lockable catches to ensure the cues are safe. The lock and keys are of German origin, which is stronger as compared to other cases. Since it is from Sterling, it is known worldwide as a durable and sturdy cue case. Both ends are protected with durable plastic for impact strength. It has a chalk tray that can hold up to 2 cubes of chalk.

Sterling Cue Case ¾ Cue Aluminum Black

This Sterling cue case can accommodate 3-piece snooker cues and designed to fit three-piece snooker cues. It has a cushioned interior with two sections for the cue. For optimum security and protection for your cues, it is made of heavy gauge aluminum. The keys and locks are made from Germany, which stronger than other cases.

Sterling is recognized worldwide for its durability and reliability, which makes this snooker cue case an excellent product to consider—protected on both ends with durable plastic to keep the cues from accidental bumps and drop. With chalk tray to accommodate two cubes of chalk.

Sterling Cue Case ¾ Deluxe Black Simulated Leather with Chrome Corners

This Sterling high-quality snooker cue case has soft-lined internal moulded with foam to keep your cue secured and protected. As compared to other Sterling snooker cue cases, this one has chrome corners and four non-lockable latches. Internally, it is divided into three sections, each measure 116cm in length, excluding the chalk tray.

It can fit ¾ cue butt and shaft. The chalk tray is big enough to carry three cubes of chalk. The case has durable leather carrying handle to carry the weight of two cues. It can accommodate two butts and three shafts.

Cue Case Care and Maintenance:

Maintaining a cue case made of leather is not easy. It requires the right caring to make it last longer. Leather is not human-made as it is made of natural fibre, so it requires proper maintenance and care. Below are some of the maintenance tips you can consider to maintain the look of the cue cases to make it last for several years.

Protecting the Leather Cue Case

You don’t just use the cue case after unpacking it. There are things you need to do before and after using it.

Before Usage

  • Apply a wax or leather cream before using the cue cases. This will add a layer of protection against scratches and abrades. It is best to choose a cream that contains natural waxes to provide a richer look and serve as a barrier against moisture and dirt.
  • Waterproofing is needed for leather with suede and nubuck finishes to protect it against moisture. Spraying can be done before bringing it out.

During Usage

  • Moisturizing your leather cue case after using it for a month will help keep its original lustre. Choose a high-quality cream explicitly formulated for leathers.
  • Getting Rid of Scratches
  • Scratches can’t be avoided, especially if you are using the cue case every day. Here are some tips on how to deal with scratches:
  • Wipe the leather after use
  • Use conditioner to smoothen it out.
  • Repeat if needed

Getting Rid of Stains

Stains can be caused by grease, ink, denim, water, and others. Here are tips on how to deal with them:

  • Stains due to grease can be removed by blotting the spot using cornstarch. Conditioning the leather cue case can prevent it from getting stained by grease.
  • Never try to deal with stain caused by ink as most of the time, it worsens the situation. Bring it to a leather repair shop.
  • Stain due to denim is common as the cue case tends to rub off on your jackets and jeans. Spraying conditioner on your cue case can repel the dyes in denim.
  • Water seldom caused stain if it does buff it out using a conditioner.

A full-grain leather cue case, particularly the vegetable-tanned, it will produce a natural patina. This is part of the natural aging process, which makes the leather more attractive. When buying, it is best to consider what type of leather the cue case is made of, so you have an idea of what to expect.

Cue Case Care

Towel – 8 Ball Cue Sport Towel with No. 8 Print

To keep your hand dry and your cue clean all the time, always bring with you this 8-ball cue sports towel with no. 8 print. It is a 100% cotton towel with trim that measures 18 inches by 12 inches. The no. 8 print design measures 5.5 inches in diameter. The fabric is super soft but absorbent.

Towel – 9 Ball Cue Sport Towel with No. 9 Print

The snooker or pool player needs a towel to keep the cue and hands dry. The towel is handy with nice and soft fabric. The size is small enough to carry it in your cue case. It is used to wipe sweaty and sticky snooker or pool cues. It measures around 5 ½ inches in diameter with no.9 print—the towel measures 18 inches x 12 inches, which makes an ideal cue cleaner.

Cue Towel Peradon Cue Sport

This is a mush have accessory for all snooker players to keep your hand dry and your cue clean. The Peradon logo is printed in the towel. Cue Towel Peradon is made of high-quality material and very absorbent. It measures around 50.5 cm in length and 25.4 cm in width.

Play by the rules:

Eight Ball Rules

The Game is known as Eight-Ball Pool. It is expected that players will always play the game in the true spirit and in a sporting manner. The Referee will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the spirit and rules of the game are observed. Check out the complete eight-ball rules at

M Loss of Frame Fouls

  • It is a foul committed in the same shot the 8-Ball is potted.
  • If one pot the 8-ball if a ball or balls of the player’s own colour are still on the table.
  • If one pot the 8-ball and the last ball of the player’s own colour in the same shot.
  • Intentionally hitting a ball other than the Cue Ball with the tip of the cue.
  • Intentionally causing the ball to be moved in a way other than that will result from playing a regular shot.
  • Intentionally hitting the Cue Ball with other than the cue tip.
  • Intentionally delaying, by word or action, to interrupt other player's games.
  • If the player violates the “Spirit of the Game” to the extent that the frame should be given to the opponent.

Nine Ball Rules

Eight Ball has sets of rules that are being applied during the international game.

Just like in Eight Ball, the Nine Ball also has some governing rules the player should follow. The Nine Ball is played using nine numbered balls (1 to 9) and a cue ball. The balls are hit in ascending order—the first player who can pocket the ball bearing the number 9 wins. The following are some of the standard fouls a player can commit during the game, as listed in

Three Consecutive Fouls

If a player commits a foul three times without intervening legal shot, this is a serious call. In nine-ball, the fouls should be in one rack. Some games like eight balls do not include this in their rule. The referee should warn the shooter who commits two fouls if he approaches the table that he has two fouls. If not, the third foul will be considered as the second only.

Snooker Rules

If a foul is committed in the game, the referee shall call foul right away. The complete snooker rules are listed on Some fouls the player may commit are as follows:

If the stroke has been made, the referee will wait for the player to complete the stroke before informing the penalty.

In case a foul is neither announced by the referee nor claimed successfully by the non-striker before going to the next stroke, it is condoned.

Any colour not spotted correctly will remain on its position, except if it is off the table, it will be spotted correctly.

The points scored in a break before the foul is committed will be awarded will be counted, but the striker will not score any points for any ball pocketed in a foul shot.

Play the Game:     

Snooker is recognized as the most popular type of cue game. It started way back 1300s during the reign of Louis XI in France. But, despite being not an original cue game, there is no doubt that snooker is the most popular.

How Snooker Was Born

Snooker was invented in India in 1875 and was invented by officers in Devonshire regiment, as they entertain themselves since they cannot go out because of the typhoon. Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain revise the game by different coloured balls. He is also the one who gave the name “snooker.”

The Snooker Tables

Initially, the game was not played on a specific snooker table, as it is just a novelty variant of billiards. The development of snooker tables started when it reached England in the 1800s. It was the present billiard table manufacturers who found the possible alternative equipment for this game.

In the past, snooker is only played by the upper class. The World Championship tournament was organized by Joe and Fred Davis to draw the attention of the working classes. The Davis brothers were known as the best snooker players for over 50 years. Joe Davis has won 15 World Championship in a row, a feat which no one was able to match. He has developed skills and technique that makes him unique from other players during his time.

Pros and Cons:

There are two types of cue cases – the soft cue case and the hard cue case. Each type has its pros and cons.

Soft Cue Cases


  • You can check at your cues thoroughly and in a more professional way once you unzip the cue case.
  • Can be folded when empty.
  • Lighter and easy to carry.


  • Not as durable as the hard cue cases
  • Does not provide enough protection

Hard Cue Cases


  • It has a rigid internal structure to keep the cues very secure and keeps the cue protected against damage.
  • Cues are well-protected against accidental bumps and falls.
  • With external zippered pockets.
  • More compact and durable.


  • You cannot fully unzip the case.
  • A bit heavy as compared to soft cue case

Health and Wellbeing

The next time you hear the words sports and fitness, consider that physical activity—through safe games and exercises—will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and reduce extra weight. The real benefit: your joints will become more stable, and you’ll be less likely to have bleeds and pain. Some of the physical health benefits include the following:

Physical Health Benefits

Tones Muscles

Playing snooker or pool can help you tone your muscles. The game requires using the muscles and controlling them by applying pressure on the hit the muscles relax and contract. Toning of muscle is not restricted to the arms; leg stretching is also part of it to help the proper thigh muscle movement.

Burn Calories

Since the game requires constant movement and you have to stay standing the entire event, plus you are also working mentally, this game can burn lots of calories. As compared to other physical sports, this may burn fewer calories, but if you are observant, you will not find a fat pool player.

Joints Workout

Walking back and forth, the 9 feet long pool table is a good exercise for your joints. You need to position well to get the shot, then back and ponder or notice over it and then hit the ball again. This game requires a lot of movement and it is all about movements and staying active. You cannot win if you are a dull and slow person.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

In this game, your cognitive ability becomes sharper. The game helps improve your hand-eye coordination. When hitting the ball, you should stick your eyes on the ball.

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For people who are serious concerning snooker, whether or not professionally or as a hobby, you may need to speculate in a very cue case so as to move it safely and firmly from A to B. In our snooker and sports implement cases class, you may notice four totally different choices, wherever you're guaranteed to notice a cue case to suit you.

Within this vary, we provide ¾ articulate cue cases, 2-piece or centre-jointed cue cases, 1-piece cue cases, and Yankee sports implement cases. among every one of those individual classes, we provide a selection of cue cases from totally different manufacturers, every with individual vogue and colors. once it involves the materials for cue cases, this includes the metallic element, leather, hard, soft, tube, with Yankee sports implement cases giving those like the Rexine vogue case, that is competitively priced and product of unbelievably strong material in a very sort of. to boot, animal skin|fabric|cloth|material|textile} cue cases supply the same look and texture to the leather, however at a less expensive value purpose.

If you’re an investment in a very cue, it's essential to conjointly invest in a very case for it. can|this may|this can} supply your cue additional longevity because it will defend it from any injury from knocks once carrying it, also as any humidness and wetness from the weather. It’s best to stay the cue off from terribly wet, heat, or cold environments (hence cars not being recommended), and a cue case can facilitate to confirm it's extra protection where you decide on to store it.

Perfect for saving house and simple transportation, the centre articulated snooker cue permits you to divide it within the middle of the shaft – halving its size, creating it easier to hold and fewer large to store. A firm favourite amongst recreational players and skilled players alike, this kind of cue is one amongst our bestsellers.

Easily keep in a very centre articulated cue case – of that we've got a colossal vary – this cue fits snugly into the cases that may carry each one shaft and one butt. factory-made from a variety of various woods, together with ash and ebony, you'll be able to make certain that your purchase is of sturdy, top quality.

With our choice of centre articulated cues together with models from illustrious brands like Peradon, Cannon and Powerglide, we tend to endeavour to stock the industry’s leading snooker instrumentation. Holding over fifteen years of expertise within the business, we've got discovered the foremost prestigious brands on the market.

Is there one thing specific that you’re trying to find that isn’t presently featured on the website? want some recommendation concerning your next purchase of a 2-piece snooker cue? Contact America these days and our specialist advisors can provide you with their knowledgeable opinion on the most effective snooker cues and cases for your specifications.

We provide top quality, reasonable Yankee pool stick cases for players to move their cues while keeping them safe and secure throughout travel. once buying a pool stick, making certain it's unbroken at the very best quality is overriding, therefore, having a sturdy case specifically designed to guard your cue ensures you'll play the game when game while not having to stress regarding knocks and scrapes moving your performance. The Yankee pool stick cases that we tend to provide square measure factory-made to the very best attainable standards to make sure that the case lasts a protracted time and may endure any accidental blows, thus your pool stick oughtn’t to.

Currently, at, we tend to stock the subsequent brands: Label nine, Laperti, Buffalo, AP6, Universal professional, and Predator pool stick cases, with costs starting from £36.99 up to £371.99, reckoning on budget and therefore the level the player presently competes at. every Yankee pool stick case, as commonplace, contains house to carry a minimum of one butt and one shaft, further as space to store little accessories in external nothing pockets. reckoning on what you would like to require to every game, we tend to provide cue cases which might carry up to eight Shafts and six Butts which implies, with the proper case, you'll carry the precise quantity of cue choices to relinquish you a bonus at the table.

Each pool stick case is different; we tend to provide each soft and rigid cases; cases with a spread of colored trims; cases made up of fake animal skin or mock suede; cases with natural tan animal skin effects, decorated animal skin effects or, at the upper finish of the choice, gold or steel accents at each end of the case. Further, reckoning on the case you get, most of our Yankee pool stick Cases associate with either a carry handle or a carry strap, creating transport from table to table well. Finding a case that suits each your taking part in vogue and your most well-liked style has ne'er been easier.

We provide the biggest picks of ¾ articulated snooker cue cases within Australia – from material to Al to soft cushioned cloth designs – in a multitude of colors and styles. whether or not you’re keen on a conventional plain vogue, or a placing dotted style that conveys your temperament, we've ample choice to suit each style.

The ¾ articulated cue case permits for the storage of cues that have a joint 3 quarters on the length of the cue, which means they need a particular form of case to accommodate them. the design is defined by its shorter and wider size, with 3 cushioned channels as a 3-piece cue case, that ar typically manufactured from flocked foam – differing to the 2 in normal cue cases.

With models for each budget, you'll be able to defend your favorite cue modish while not breaking the bank – the effort you more cash to pay on the cue itself. we have a tendency to ar proud to provide a number of the leading brands within the snooker business, as well as Peradon, Sterling, Cue Craft, and BCE.

Can’t notice what you’re trying to find? If there’s a specific vogue or pattern that you’re trying for, make certain to contact North American nation nowadays and one among our specialist advisors can attempt to unite you with the right ¾ articulated cue case for your needs. no matter your question, don’t hesitate to drop North American nation a line.

we have over fifteen years of expertise providing our customers with everything for snooker and pool enjoying, from the tables to the chalk. we tend to square measure proud to systematically provide amount merchandise, giving a good vary of branded merchandise at cheap costs each season.

Our one-piece snooker cue cases square measure designed particularly for one piece cues because the name would counsel. Some cases are literally able to hold 2 cues, et al. will hold one cue with extensions. we've one-piece cue cases accessible for each budget, from a modest $9.99, to a lavish $234.99, with a spread of various value points in between.

Exterior materials for our vary of one piece pool and snooker cues embody PVC, leather, polycarbonate, aluminum. Interior materials typically embody a cushioned mock suede or a black flocked foam.

Each one-piece cue case is exclusive in style, and with twenty-eight totally different choices, you're absolute to notice one that suits you. If you'd wish to raise any queries relating to your purchase, please visit our contact page, and a member of the team is happy to assist.