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Pool Cue Chalk

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  1. Taom Pool Cue Chalk
  2. Kamui Pool Cue Chalk
  3. Predator Pool Cue Chalk
  4. Blue Diamond Pool Cue Chalk
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One among the foremost standard cue tip chalks on the market nowadays. created by Tweetens Fibre of Chicago, Master Cue Chalk can coat the pool or snooker cue tip swimmingly and equally for a certain grip once applying management to the cue ball; as employed by Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump.

Master Snooker sports implement Chalk inexperienced & Blue one hundred forty four Box, is employed by several prime players round the world as a result of its fine, swish texture. created by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, Master Cue Chalk coats the cue tip swimmingly and equally for a certain grip once applying management to the billiard ball.


  • Will not cake or flake like inferior chalks.
  • Available in either inexperienced or blue.
  • Box of one hundred forty four individual cubes.
Taom Pyro Blue Cue Chalk

Taom Pool Cue Chalk

Taom Snooker and Pool Chalk is the classic version of high-quality chalks. It is made in Finland and measures one inch round with a depth of 25 and 16 mm. The chalk does not stain the balls or the cloth, giving you more time to concentrate on your game and not on cleaning the chalk mess.

Taom chalk is green and is used mainly by international snooker players and even some club players. Because of its round shape, it lasts longer than others and has a different feel. If you are looking for satisfaction and performance, Taom chalk will not disappoint you.

Exciting Features of Taom Snooker and Pool Chalk

• Compared to other snooker chalks, it lasts longer, thus reducing miscues, bad contacts, and kicks.
• It does not dry out easily due to its moisture retention feature, so it will last longer than you expect.
• Because of its reliability, the Taom chalk is recommended to casual players and professionals.
• It is presented in a neat stylish box and does not leave any marks on your hand, unlike most brands that get your hands in a huge mess.
• Another outstanding feature of this chalk is its smell. It has a powerful but pleasant smell, and you will get addicted to it. However, the scent will wear off after a while.

Taom continues to improve its cue chalk to provide the best service. Many professionals and top amateurs prefer Taom chalk, and it is becoming the number one chalk in snooker. In using the chalk, make sure to spread the chalk onto the cue tip and you can apply it as frequently as you want. Wipe off the excess chalk with a cloth or tissue from your cue tip so you can spread all of Taom on your tip

Kamui Chalk 1 21 Cue Chalk

You demanded it, so we're carrying it. Kamui, the folks who made one of the top selling pool cue tips in the billiards industry have produced a new line of chalk that is unlike any other. It goes on evenly and it stays on your tip for way longer than any other chalk we've seen. We're talking going through 2 or 3 racks without having to rechalk your tip. 

And yes, the price is for one single piece of chalk. We sell it at the lowest price we're allowed to, so please don't give us too much grief about the price. We're also carrying the Kamui .98 Chalk, so if you want that blend, just head over to the .98 page. 

Please note that to the best of our knowledge no dragons were harmed in the manufacturing of this chalk.

Kamui ROKU blue chalk is a much-awaited technologically advanced pool cue chalk is finally here. Imagine having the ability of the KAMUI Chalk.98B or 1.21B but without the mess on the cue ball. And without the mess on the felt. NO MORE SKIDDING. Chalk is in a hexagon shape and each piece is hand made.

Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Blue 5 Pack

Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Blue

After several years of researching and developing, Predator has finally introduced their cue chalk that will help you step up your game. The Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk can stick longer on the tip as compared to other brands. No need to reapply again and again. If you are looking for cue chalk that can provide more consistency and spin, this brand is for you.

With the help of Predator 1080, you will notice a significant improvement in your cue control. The chalk is the perfect combination of good quality and texture. It offers a better spin, more power to hit the ball, and minimizes miscues.

What Makes Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Stand Out?

• Typically, you need to reapply the chalk after taking one to two shots. With Predator 1080, you can have more time to focus on your shots.

• It is available in blue colour, but it does not leave any stain on the pool table. Thus, reducing your time on cleaning the table. However, if you held onto it longer, it may become sticky and messy.

• It is made of a special formula that uses pure silica and has undergone a development process to produce a winning combination.

• One set contains four individual cue chalk applicators placed in a storage tube. It is the most portable option you can find. This makes the chalk quite handy that you can easily tuck it in your pockets or bag if you need to travel to compete.

• The octagonal shape offers convenience and increases the application’s symmetry to the cue tip. There is no high or low part, and which part gets the most because the shape can spread the chalk evenly.

As a whole, Predator 1080 Pure Chalk shows significant improvement giving you more confidence in every shot you make as there will be less slip.

Single White Ball 2 3 8aramith 60mm

Blue Diamond Chalk 2 piece box is used by top professional and amateur players the world over created from a Longoni secret formula for over 30 years. Blue Diamond Chalk has just now been discovered by players in the USA. Blue Diamond chalk is like a magnetic for cue tips, even on hard to hold chalk tips like Phenolic, and will cure most all your miscue problems allowing you to get more English on the cue ball. Sold as 2 pc. Box