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Why Choose A Predator Ikon1 Pool Cue
Why Choose A Predator Ikon1 Pool Cue

When searching for your perfect cue, you want one that is well-made with innovative functions.  Over the years the traditional wooden cue has been drastically improved by new materials and ideas. Predator pool cues with C4 core technology are a great example of the evolution of the pool cue.

The Predator Ikon1 is entry-level in this series. This model provides a high level of control from the C4 core. The four wedge pieces that make up the core increase its stability. This eliminates the negative vibration for a more solid feeling shot. With this cue, you will be able to shoot straighter and increase your accuracy.

This cue is made from hard maple with an attractive high-gloss black finish.  Ikon series cues include a 314² shaft with the popular pro taper. This model’s standard shaft length is 29 in.  An Everest tip by Tiger is included. The standard weight is 19 oz, but a range of 18.5 to 20 oz weights are available.

Another great feature of this pool cue is the patented Uni-Loc joint system.  This is a ??one-turn-on, one-turn-off” joint system that provides a very precise fit.  This cue joint technology gives you the feel of playing with a one-piece cue.

A Leather-Luxe wrap is an additional feature of the Ikon1 that deserves special mention.  This wrap is made up of a three-layer system to absorb moisture. The outermost layer is polyurethane that allows moisture to pass through to keep your hand dry during play.  The middle layer is a highly absorbent cushion.  Sweat is drawn into the middle layer and released to ensure a solid grip. The inside layer seals and protects the core from the absorbed moisture. Overall this technology provides a softer feel and easier grip than leather.

If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line cue stick with an attractive look, the Predator Ikon1 cue may be perfect for you.  Be sure to check out our full line of affordable Predator cues.