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Is The Predator Bk2 Break Cue Shaft The Best
Is The Predator Bk2 Break Cue Shaft The Best

In any game of billiards, the most important shot is your first.  The break shot can determine whether or not you get to continue your turn and have the upper hand. Due to the increased force behind this shot, it can cause severe wear and tear on your playing cue.  It is a good idea to have a designated break cue. The Predator BK2 break shaft can improve your break shot and save your playing cue at the same time.

When searching for a great break shaft, you should concentrate most on the quality of the tip and ferrule.  The BK2 shaft has a well-designed ferrule and hard tip that can withstand the heavy force used in a break shot.  The tip is 12.75 mm in diameter and made of phenolic and carbon fiber, so it is very sturdy.  In combination, this tip and ferrule work together to give you the maximum amount of cue ball speed.

A special splicing technique is used in the production of this shaft.  Ten wooden wedge pieces are combined to make the core. This process eliminates inconsistencies in wood grains. This solid makeup eliminates negative vibrations. Your shot with a Predator shaft is so solid that you can hear the difference.  When you make that perfect contact with the cue ball, you will know by the solid ??thunk” sound.

Another great feature of this shaft is Predator’s patented Quick Release Uni-Loc joint system.  This is a ??one-turn-on, one-turn-off” joint system that provides a very precise fit.   This solid joint technology gives you the feel of playing with a one-piece cue.

The predator has adjusted the pivot point on the BK2 shaft to give you the maximum amount of acceleration and forgiveness.  If you have a strong break shot, you likely choose to bridge at 13 to 14 in. for the most powerful break.  Unfortunately, the pivot points of most break cues are between 9 to 11 inches. To solve this discrepancy, Predator has placed the BK2 shaft pivot point between 13 to 14 inches.

If you are looking to save your playing cue and increase the power and consistency of your break shot.