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Why Use A Predator 314 Cue Shaft
Why Use A Predator 314 Cue Shaft

Predator is a cue company recognized for its innovations in shaft technology.  They produce shafts that offer more spin and accuracy than ever seen before.  As a beginning player, you can steadily advance your game with the use of a Predator 314v2.   Over half of today’s high-ranking professionals use Predator products.

A special splicing technique is used in the production of this shaft.  Ten wedge pieces are combined to make the shaft. This process eliminates inconsistencies in wood grain. This solid make up eliminates negative vibrations.

Another great feature of this shaft is the patented Quick Release Uni-Loc joint system.  This is a ??one-turn-on, one-turn-off” joint system that provides a very precise fit.  Not only does this save time putting your cue together, the joint fit is thirty times more accurate than the traditional threaded joint. This joint technology gives you the feel of playing with a one piece cue.  The Predator 314 cue shaft is completely interchangeable with all other butts with a Uni-Loc joint.

All Predator joints are made with the stable compound, Phenolic. This eliminates the movement common with wood.  Your shot with a Predator cue is so solid that you can hear the difference.  When you make that perfect contact with the cue ball, you will know by the sound.

This particular model shaft comes with an upgraded Everest tip, standard, which adds even more accuracy to your game. The standard tip diameter is 12.75 mm. The ferrule length is 6/10”.  The standard shaft length is 29 inches.  In addition, the 314v2 includes a traditional, or ??pro” taper in their design, which can help newer players become more proficient and comfortable with the cue in a shorter amount of time.

The Predator 314 2nd generation pool cue seems to best benefit players at a beginner to intermediate level.  If you fit into one of these categories, this shaft will provide great improvement in your game.  You can always upgrade to a more professional model shaft as your game advances.