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Why Choose A Viking Cue
Why Choose A Viking Cue

Viking is renowned for being one of the leaders in billiard cue design, construction and manufacturing. Their design and craftsmanship allow them to produce cues of the highest quality, utilizing only a natural, ??hands-on’ fabrication method to produce a straighter, more evenly weighted, stable cue that feels great to hold and solid to play with.

It is for these reasons, that a vast number of pool players, from the professionals to the amateurs, to the weekend hobbyist, select Viking pool cues; They know they are purchasing an exceptionally well-made piece of equipment designed to last and will always perform well, provided it is taken care of properly.

Due to the materials used in a pool cue’s construction, Viking cues must be kept in an environment that is consistent in temperature, ideally around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Any unnecessary exposure to moisture or heat can cause the wood to warp which will alter the cues’ straightness, and correspondingly, how it plays. Of course, cues that are slightly bent do not have the same feel as straight ones and do not strike the billiard balls as cleanly. For these reasons, pool cues should never be stored in a vehicle or in a basement.

Players who do not do much traveling, and enjoy playing billiards in their own home should always protect their Viking cue in a cue rack, or an equivalent floor rack or wall rack system. Leaning the cue against a wall could lead to it falling or being knocked over, which could crack the wooden structure of the cue and cause it to not strike the balls as cleanly. In extreme cases, this can be the difference between winning and losing.

For those who a little more serious about their pool, and are members of teams that play in competitions, Viking cue cases are the best way to protect your cue. They are available in several different colors and sizes and ensure the safety of the cues stored within them because they are constructed from heavy-duty vinyl. Separate internal compartments for the butt and shaft are lined with soft felt to prevent any damage occurring during transportation assure the safety of your investment. Each affordable cue case includes handles and a shoulder strap for ease of maneuverability, and there are four different compartment configurations available to suit your needs.