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Taom Pyro Blue Cue Chalk
Taom Pyro Blue Cue Chalk

Taom Pool Cue Chalk

Taom Snooker and Pool Chalk is the classic version of high-quality chalks. It is made in Finland and measures one inch round with a depth of 25 and 16 mm. The chalk does not stain the balls or the cloth, giving you more time to concentrate on your game and not on cleaning the chalk mess.

Taom chalk is green and is used mainly by international snooker players and even some club players. Because of its round shape, it lasts longer than others and has a different feel. If you are looking for satisfaction and performance, Taom chalk will not disappoint you.

Exciting Features of Taom Snooker and Pool Chalk

• Compared to other snooker chalks, it lasts longer, thus reducing miscues, bad contacts, and kicks.
• It does not dry out easily due to its moisture retention feature, so it will last longer than you expect.
• Because of its reliability, the Taom chalk is recommended to casual players and professionals.
• It is presented in a neat stylish box and does not leave any marks on your hand, unlike most brands that get your hands in a huge mess.
• Another outstanding feature of this chalk is its smell. It has a powerful but pleasant smell, and you will get addicted to it. However, the scent will wear off after a while.

Taom continues to improve its cue chalk to provide the best service. Many professionals and top amateurs prefer Taom chalk, and it is becoming the number one chalk in snooker. In using the chalk, make sure to spread the chalk onto the cue tip and you can apply it as frequently as you want. Wipe off the excess chalk with a cloth or tissue from your cue tip so you can spread all of Taom on your tip