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Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Blue 5 Pack
Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Blue 5 Pack

Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Blue

After several years of researching and developing, Predator has finally introduced their cue chalk that will help you step up your game. The Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk can stick longer on the tip as compared to other brands. No need to reapply again and again. If you are looking for cue chalk that can provide more consistency and spin, this brand is for you.

With the help of Predator 1080, you will notice a significant improvement in your cue control. The chalk is the perfect combination of good quality and texture. It offers a better spin, more power to hit the ball, and minimizes miscues.

What Makes Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk Stand Out?

• Typically, you need to reapply the chalk after taking one to two shots. With Predator 1080, you can have more time to focus on your shots.

• It is available in blue colour, but it does not leave any stain on the pool table. Thus, reducing your time on cleaning the table. However, if you held onto it longer, it may become sticky and messy.

• It is made of a special formula that uses pure silica and has undergone a development process to produce a winning combination.

• One set contains four individual cue chalk applicators placed in a storage tube. It is the most portable option you can find. This makes the chalk quite handy that you can easily tuck it in your pockets or bag if you need to travel to compete.

• The octagonal shape offers convenience and increases the application’s symmetry to the cue tip. There is no high or low part, and which part gets the most because the shape can spread the chalk evenly.

As a whole, Predator 1080 Pure Chalk shows significant improvement giving you more confidence in every shot you make as there will be less slip.