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Snooker Cue shopping guide

When it involves shopping for snooker cues, the choice to decide on from is endless in today’s market, from John Parris snooker cues, Stamford cues, Peradon cues, cue craft, Jason Owen and different snooker cues case packages you may notice on eBay. And this can be solely the tip of the iceberg with rising Chinese cue manufacturers. Lets take a glance at what need} to understand after we want to understand the way to select a snooker cue.

First of all, knowing the way to select a snooker cue can mostly rely on the budget you have got put aside. A snooker cue on eBay will price from as very little as £20, but a John Parris cue will vary anyplace from £320 to £1400 betting on what kind of snooker cue your searching for. therefore what’s the distinction between all the cues? the solution is, it tons and nothing!!

A snooker cue is simply a bit of timber cut a tapered to a particular length etc. That’s all it's actually, but the categories of wood, the skill and also the attention to detail disagree wide so the play ability of the cue differs considerably.

Cheap snooker cues and cue packages are going to be created on a production scale while the upper finish of the market cues can over possible be custom created to your personal specifications. Most of the highest skilled snooker players play with John Parris cues, thought of by several, to be the most effective cue maker of this era. the way to select a snooker cue mostly depends on what they player feels most snug fiddling with.

For me in person, the four snooker cues that I’ve had up to now in my life were a Lewis and Wilson cue, a Dunns cue, associate degree eBay cue I bought for £18 and my current cue, a John Parris cue World Wide My favorite cue from these was my Lewis and Wilson that I had till i used to be concerning 18/19 years previous, that my oldsters got Pine Tree State one year for my birthday. I accustomed leave it within the snooker locker in my native club however sadly, in the future it absolutely was taken on Pine Tree State. however that cue wasn’t the most effective cue I ever contend with!! after I was in my teens, one among the native middle aged men, World Health Organization contend with a maple cue that was a changed house cue was enjoying Pine Tree State in the future. I told him I ne'er contend with a maple cue before, therefore he two-handed Pine Tree State his cue and told Pine Tree State to play together with his for a few of frames. I knocked in 3 back to back centuries thereupon snooker cue, that I ne'er did before. It felt sort of a fantastic snooker cue. sadly I had handy it back, and to the present day I’ve ne'er picked up a cue love it once more. I found it terribly troublesome once this to find the way to select a snooker cue on behalf of me. therefore the ethical of the story is, the worth of the cue is quite tangential once it involves selecting the proper snooker cue for you.

So what will matter once choosing a snooker cue for sale? Well, there square measure some basic items that the client must suppose initial before selecting. These embody the length of the cue, the weight, the tip, the wood we tend to like, articulated  or one piece and machine or handcrafted.

Its necessary we tend to do our schoolwork on ALL of those factors before choosing a snooker cue to shop for.

Cue Length

Take first of all the length of the snooker cue. Most snooker cues square measure created concerning concerning to 58″ long. The rule of thumb is, that typically, a smaller cue can provide you with a bigger bit round the balls in shut quarters as a result of they have an inclination to shorten the hand to billiard ball. this implies the cue are going to be smart for break building however lack accuracy in long potting and spin shots. a rather longer cue can provide you with higher long potting capabilities. That’s to not say that if you get you get cue, you wont be able to break build! I’m simply declaring sturdy and weak points for each albeit they need stripped-down impact.

Cue Weight

The weight of the cue is next on our list to appear at. Snooker cues square measure typically weighted in or around 16oz to 18oz. Some players like heavier cues like Jimmy Whites cue, that is in way over 20oz. Lighter cues provides a nice bit as a result of we've got a lot of management over the billiard ball, that is nice round the business finish of the table, but heavier cues provide United States of America way more balance and thus a rather straighter cue action are going to be determined that is sweet for long potting and deep screw shots. I counsel a cue weight of one7oz for a 1 piece cue and 18oz for a 3/4 articulated  a lot of most players. after we wish to understand the way to select a snooker cue, weight looks to be a very important issue for individuals. generally associate degree eighteen ounce cue could be a good all spherical weight.

Tip size

The tip size we decide is quite necessary. we will play snooker with a tip size from 9mm to 11mm. The smaller tip sizes can provide you with the flexibility to play some nice spin shots, but you may got to be way more correct together with your billiard ball placing. Larger tips can provide you with bigger accuracy, but you may be compromising on your ability to play spin shots. once your researching the way to select a snooker cue, suppose what tip most closely fits your type of play. If you have got buckets of cue power, does one would like atiny low tip? In today’s game, larger tips are not any longer a tangle as a result of the tables square measure quicker and spin is generated far more simply than years agone. I counsel a tip from concerning nine.5mm to 10mm best for enjoying snooker.

The Wood

The wood we decide comes right down to personal preference and the way it feels to you in person. Most players play with associate degree ash cue while others play with maple. once your out discovering the way to select a snooker cue, decide the wood that feels best for you. If you wish the design of the grain in ash then attempt look out permanently quality ash. hunt for things sort of a straight grain, arrows that purpose towards the tip and check the hardness of the ash. Maple cues tend to own microscopic grains, however hunt for a cue that has as few imperfections as doable. once it involves the butt of the cue, most snooker cues have associate degree ebony butt attributable to its lovely look and since it offers natural weight to the cue. once more like different woods, ebony conjointly has grades, therefore attempt decide a decent grade wood as so much as your budget can permit. Snooker cue conjunction is that the pretty ornamental half down rock bottom of the cue. the selection is endless once it involves conjunction however simply bear in mind, conjunction won't impact the playability of the cue, solely the design of it. the foremost well-liked|fashionable|common|widespread|standard} is that the Ronnie O’Sullivan style conjunction, that has been derived over and over by several cue manufacturers.

1piece or jointed?

Do we need a one piece cue or a articulated  cue? whereas checking out the way to select a snooker cue this tends to be a very important issue for individuals. once more this can be another personal alternative that doesn’t impact however you play an excessive amount of. Myself in person, I like one piece cues, though they're more durable for transportation, therefore attempt keep that in mind. articulated  cues square measure created therefore well currently, that splits within the wood square measure terribly uncommon today therefore the alternative is up to yourself.

Cheap, calibre cues square measure created on machines, and higher quality cues square measure handstitched. Personally, if you'll afford it, obtain a hand-crafted cue. you'll even get low cost handstitched cues on eBay for £40/50 from China etc.

With all the factors in mind that I even have mentioned on top of, shopping for snooker cues will currently appear even a lot of sophisticated. For those of you within the marketplace for a replacement cue, obtain the most effective you'll afford, whether or not it's a custom created cue, production cue or maybe a house cue. Before shopping for it, make certain you have got tested all my tips I’ve given on top of. attempt some house cues in your native club, see what length you wish most, weight, tip size and wood. Don’t go defrayment £500 on a cue you “think” you’ll play well with. Do your schoolwork and that i would like you each success to find the proper cue. you ought to be on the road currently to discovering the way to select a snooker cue for you.

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