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Why Choose A Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue
Why Choose A Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue

Lucasi is one company that has long been known for its quality cues. Their hybrid line of cues exhibits new technology inspired by the advances in the golf industry due to graphite shafts. They offer some of the most accurate cues on the market.

Lucasi Hybrid cues are specially engineered to instantly improve your game. The Zero Flex Point ferrule of the Lucasi Hybrid L-H40 has a unique polymer construction and lightweight core. This feature greatly reduces cue deflection. Cue ball deflection causes the majority of all missed shots. So, if you are a player who uses sidespin, this feature can ensure greater accuracy and ability to make your shots.

The cue shaft of this model is 29 inches in length and made of hard rock maple. It has exceptional 8-piece radial construction. This serves to extend the sweet spot 360 degrees, throughout the whole shaft. Your power and control multiply with this increased area contacting the cue ball.

A G5 Grip is part of the wrap on this cue. This ??T” pattern gives you added traction to grip your cue. This feature increases stability and ball control. Comfort is at your fingertips with this cue due to the X-Shox Dampening System. The memory foam incorporated into the wrap absorbs the impact vibration of your shot. Even the negative feedback of your strongest break shot is barely felt due to this technology.

Some of the additional high-end features of the Lucasi Hybrid L-H40 include:

• 12.75 mm Universal Mastri 8-layered tip

• The popular Black Implex collar

• The Uni-Loc quick-release joint pin

• Black mist and metallic silver finish

If you are looking for a Lucasi cue with an attractive look and unmatched shot control.