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Cuetec Pool Cue

When looking to purchase a pool cue, many different brands and styles are available to choose from.  Cuetec cues stand apart from those of other manufacturers.  They have an advanced composition that provides many benefits to you as an owner. They are used by players at all levels of play from beginners to professionals. Professional player, Allison Fisher, even has her own series of Cuetec cues.

Cuetec models are constructed of a solid wood core surrounded by a composite of fiberglass or graphite. This designs seals the wood core preventing it from warping.  These cues are able to maintain their straightness and as a result optimal function over time.  Even with this new exterior technology, the inner core provides the same smooth shot you have come to expect from traditional wood cues.

With Cuetec models , you gain durabilty without having to sacrifice style.  These cues can be found in a variety of colors and designs.  You may find a favorite look in the Vortex Series or the Starlight Series.  Best of all, they are sold at a very affordable price.

If you think you are ready to become a pool shark.