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Cleaning A Pool Cue Shaft

Cleaning A Pool Cue Shaft: The buildup of sticky residue can accumulate over time if your pool cue shaft is not cleaned properly. You can help slow the buildup of sticky residue by always wiping the pool cue shaft down with a cotton cloth after play, as well as by doing the obvious; ensuring that you play with cleanly washed hands. You can also use a slightly damp cloth, but it is imperative that you completely and thoroughly dry the pool cue shaft immediately after wiping it clean to prevent warping. For a more effective, yet more involved method of cleaning your pool cue shaft, you can use a pool cue smoother and a pool cue burnisher. These are generally considered the most effective mode of pool cue shaft care. You begin by wrapping the smoother fully around the shaft, and continue by stroking the shaft gently. The trick here is ensure that too much pressure is not applied, as there is the risk of producing unwanted heat through the friction that could be generated. Finish only once you have reached the desired smoothness is achieved. Once you have smoothed to cue shaft perfection, you follow this up with burnishing. Burnishing involves the wrapping of burnishing leather around the newly smoothed pool cue shaft. You then proceed to stroke the shaft with rapid motion, but this time, moderate pressure is to be applied. Once this is complete, follow it up with another final smoothing. Finish it off with a final polish, using either a polishing glove or a cotton cloth.