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Frequently Asked Question
Frequently Asked Question

Snooker cues are the most important part of a snooker players equipment and there are hundreds of brands sold all over the world.

With the emergence of China as a snooker superpower, this evolution in snooker cues is only going to grow. Here, SnookerZone will try to answer some frequently asked questions about snooker cues based on an online search of the most frequently asked questions.

1) How are snooker cues made? 
Watch this video on how John Parris cues are made ?? below…

2) What snooker cue should I buy? Well, this is something that only an individual can answer. The best way to answer is to suggest trying out a cue before you buy and going to somewhere where you can try out the cue ?? a club or a shop. Most clubs now sell cues on site so you can get one in your local clubs. A cue is an extension of a player’s arm and is a sacred part of a snooker player’s equipment. When you choose a snooker cue, don’t be fooled by prices. Just because a cue is cheap does not mean it isn’t any good. On the other hand, any cue over ?100 or more is sure to be a quality piece of wood. SnookerZone recommends Cue Craft cues and their service for repairing cues is particularly good!

3) What are snooker cues made of? Most snooker cues are made of either Ash or Maple. The preference is for ash by most players ?? but again ?? it’s the feel of the and how you adapt to the cue.

4) What do snooker cues measure and what length should you get? The standard length is 57 inches but for taller players, they may well want something a little longer. It depends on how tall you are and again, how the cue plays and whether you like it or not, it really is a personal preference. Some cue makers will tailor a cue to your specifications if you go into a shop that specializes in cues. Remember: A cue alone will not make you a better player ?? it’s you who have to do the practice and get the technique right!

5 )What snooker cues do the professionals use? Most pros use John Parris cues and swear by them. However, they are quite expensive and if you’re a casual player, SnookerZone wouldn’t recommend forking out lots of money on a cue if you’re only playing once in a while. Obviously, if you get very serious then buying a more expensive quality cue is an investment, like buying a set of quality snooker balls!

6) How much do snooker cues cost? Again, how long is a piece of string? Cues range from anything from ?50 to more than ?1000! As said earlier, just because a cue is only worth under ?100 does not mean it’s not very good. Some cues under ?100 are actually quite good if well made. If you’re buying a Cue Craft cue, you can tell the quality by the weight as they are quite heavy. SnookerZone knows because he owns one! Most professionals like one piece cues ?? but some players like two piece or 3/4 piece cues purely because they are easier to transport around. When you buy a snooker cue, you should invest in a top quality cue case and make sure the cue comes with extensions and a mini butt.

7) What to look for when buying a snooker cue? Watch the video below which gives you a rough guide on this…

8) Where to buy snooker cues? As commented earlier, you should try to go and try a cue out before you buy. A local club will most probably sell a snooker cue ?? or if you’re in an area where there is a snooker shop, then you can go in and look at them there. If you can’t, then you can buy online. The Cue Craft website is a good first port of call for snooker cues and information.