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Cuetec Cues
Cuetec Cues

Cuetec Cues delivers the best value in the market,

loaded with features and selling at prices far below custom cues. Cuetec Cues was founded in 1989 and became an overnight success. Cuetec Cues start with the best available Canadian hard rock maple inner wood core for a sure solid hit, then Power-Bonded with resilient layers of fiberglass or graphite.

They use only the best tips, ferrules, joints, and wraps. They seal the exposed ends with a fiber nylon insert to prevent atmospheric conditions from affecting the wood. They use only state of the art construction equipment and techniques. The quality control is second to none. Cuetec Cues has produced hundreds of major titles including no less than 9 World Championships have been won using the legendary Cuetec Cues. Just ask past World Champion Alison Fishers who plays exclusively with Cuetec.

Cuetec is now one of the most recognizable brands since coming under the spotlight back in 1989.  The graphite or fiberglass composite encases the solid wood core in an armor of high-tech synthetic material.

The Cuetec construct their cues with the best available Canadian hard rock maple inner wood core for a sure solid hit, which is then Power-Bonded with resilient layers of graphite or fiberglass for added power strength and precision. Focusing on quality in every sense of today's world, Cuetec billiard cues use only the best tips, ferrules, joints, and wraps.

The basic parts of the Butt are:

  • The Joint is normally about 1″ in length, includes the Screw or Pin (not included in the actual length of the joint), the Joint Collar itself, and any related Trim Rings.
  • The Forearm, about 11″ in length, is the section of the Butt from the Joint to the top of the Wrap or Grip. This is where all of the ??eye appeal” of the cue is. The design of the Forearm can be made simply of natural, stained, or painted woods or can have intricate designs that may include transfers and/or designs of inlays using woods or other materials.
  • The Wrap or Grip, about the next 12″, is the section from the bottom of the Forearm to the top of the Butt Sleeve. The following are used by Cuetec:
  • Irish Linen ?? A pressed and polished threading wrapped tightly around the middle section of the Butt. Cuetec uses mostly black with white spot pressed and polished Irish Linen.
  • Veltex ?? A black matte finish material designed to be durable, smooth, and yet easy to attain a firm non-slip grip.
  • P/U Sports Grip ?? This is a polyurethane grip with a cushiony and rubberized feel with a sporty, contemporary look.
  • Plain Wood ?? There is no special Grip or Wrap here. A certain look of elegance created solely by the wood used for the cue.

The construction of the Joint

 revolves around a 3/8 x 14 stainless steel joint pin. It is set into a black fiber nylon insert and secured by a polished chrome or black implex joint collar depending on the model. It would then screw into a corresponding black fiber nylon insert in the shaft also secured by a polished chrome or black implex joint collar depending on the model.

Cuetec Cue Cutaway

The shafts for the PROFESSIONAL series 

cues are then coated with fiberglass or graphite, using a patented process, and then permanently clad to the Maple as to create a cue that will stay straight even under extreme temperature swings. Keep it in the trunk of your car on the hottest and coldest of days. No worries! It then becomes extremely ding, dent, and scratch-resistant also providing a solid hit and feel. There is a 15 ?” Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.), the longest pro taper on any production cue and provides a long, smooth, and comfortable stroke. Additionally, Cuetec addresses the greatest concern of composite cues which is stickiness, caused by humidity or perspiration, by treating and coating the fiberglass or graphite shaft with their famous Tru-Glide finish, also eliminating the need for hand chalk. Remember, care for this shaft is not like that of a wood cue. Please do not use anything caustic or abrasive. You will erode the Tru-Glide finish designed to eliminate such maintenance. It is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth. It is recommended that you also supplement it by using Cuetec Hi-Tech which will clean and condition the cue enhancing the Tru-Glide finish. These shafts are available in 12 and 13 mm.

Professional and Recreational Fiberglass cues 

The ferrules for the Professional and Recreational Fiberglass cues are made of strong and durable Polycarbonate material. They transfer energy from the tip to the fiberglass coated shaft smoothly and consistently while standing up to the rigors of all shots.