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Silver Cup Chalk Green Or Blue 12 Pack
Silver Cup Chalk Green Or Blue 12 Pack

Silver Cup Snooker Cue Chalk Green or Blue 12 Pack

This American-made billiard chalk is recommended for both professional and novice players. Silver Cup Cue Chalk is used worldwide during prestigious tournaments. It was in 1990 when Silver Cup introduced their billiard chalk. The company’s main objective is to provide premium-grade billiard chalk other brands cannot surpass. Their chalk is made from the best quality sand mined in the US.

It comes with a sturdy box designed mainly to keep the chalks protected during handling and storage. Most pool players prefer the blue Silver Cup chalk, while the snooker players choose green as blue may leave stains on the cue ball.

Qualities of Silver Cup Chalk

• The brand is known to provide extraordinary smoothness and even coating when applied. Silver Cup chalk will not flake or cake the cue tips, thus reducing the mess it could produce in the pool equipment.

• One of the main concerns of pool and snooker players is chalk flaking. This brand has assured users their chalk does not flake. It helps in producing the required amount of friction between the cue tip and the pool ball. As a result, you make a balance and high-quality shot.

• Silver Cup chalk offers good coverage on the cue tip, making it unique from other brands.

• This brand is available in 19 colours, so you can choose which will match the colour of your table to minimize chalk marks. Another good quality of this chalk is that it does not flake or cake. Thus, you can do the cleaning after the game.

Silver Cup chalk has become the chalks for amateur tournaments, recreation players, trick-shot artists, home tables, and professional competitions. It is recommended for players who are after the right friction, spin, grip, and results. The brand has the right formula and composition for the precise striking of the cue ball without miscues.