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Tweetens Master Cue Chalk Green Or Blue 12 Pack
Tweetens Master Cue Chalk Green Or Blue 12 Pack

Master Snooker Cue Chalk Green or Blue 12 Pack

Master has been manufacturing high-quality cue chalk, cue tips, and accessories for more than 85 years. This US-based cue chalk brand is a must-have for both professionals and beginners and is recommended by the World Pool-Billiard (WPA) in their tournaments.

The Tweetens Master Cue Chalk tackiness is way better as compared to other pool chalks. It sticks well on the pool cue, making the surface just right to take your dream shot during a pool game.

You can choose from ten attractive colours depending on your preference. A chalk box is included to keep the cue chalks in their top condition. Professional pool players prefer this brand of chalk for their leather cue tips because it provides a smooth coating feel on the surface without flaking.

Qualities of Tweetens Cue Chalk

• Tweetens can hold on to the cue tip for the most number of shots, so you don’t have to reapply again and again. Its adhesiveness is quite good as compared to other brands.

• The water retention ability of this cue chalk is just about right. Unlike other cue chalks, Tweetens Cue Chalk does not dry up fast, so it would not flake easily, keeping your pool table clean.

• The chalk helps increase the friction between the struck ball and the cue tip. Thus, resulting in more centre-focused shots and reduce miscue.

• Tweetens Master Cue Chalk can smoothen and even when applied over leather tips. The proper coating is done to avoid miscues and provides player satisfaction.

• It is available in different colours, enabling you to match the colour of your billiard table that diminishes chalk marks.

Tweetens Master Cue Chalk is definitely a brand recommended not just for professional billiard players but starters as well. Master is a brand trusted throughout the cue sports industry.