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Rubber Chalk Holder On Cord With String Red
Rubber Chalk Holder On Cord With String Red

Rubber Chalk Holder On Cord With String Red

Cue chalk holders were made to provide convenience to the player and to have a worry-free game. The Rubber Chalk Holder on Cord with string red is designed to ensure cue chalk is within your reach when needed. You can conveniently clip or hang it on your pocket or belt so you will not misplace it.

A rubber chalk holder on a cord with a red string is the best option to keep your chalk from falling. You can also attach the cue chalk holder under the end of your pool table. It fit the standard size of pool chalk. The cord attached to the rubber chalk holder is quite durable so that it won't break easily from continuous use.

Special Features of Rubber Chalk Holder on Cord with String Red

• A rubber Chalk suspender with a cord will not get your hands dirty and is full of chalk powder as you don't have to hold it directly.

• The cue holder is durable enough to last a long time. You don't have to purchase it again and again as it can survive your daily use.

• Misplacing the change is one of the common problems of most pool players. A red string is attached, so you can tie it at the table to make sure you will not lose it.

• Included in the package is a cube of green triangle chalk. This chalk fits the rubber chalk holder to keep it handy.

Getting your cue chalks a decent rubber chalk holder with a red string will help keep the cue chalk performs at its best.