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Peradon Chalk Holder Magnetgrip 2413 With Clip
Peradon Chalk Holder Magnetgrip 2413 With Clip

Peradon Chalk Holder Magnet Grip 2413 With Clip

Peradon Chalk Holder Magnetrip 2413 with clip is a durable black plastic chalk holder that you can hook on your belt or trouser waistline to keep the chalk ready when needed. The cube is clipped on a metal clip with a strong magnet on the holder. This magnet grip chalk holder will make sure your chalk is in the right place.

The holder eliminates your problem with the chalk creating holes and staining your pocket. You can hold the chalk in different ways. The magnet inside the unit lets you stick the chalk on the outside of your pants.

What Makes Peradon Chalk Holder Magnetgrip With Clip Stands Out?

• The brand has a well-made unit with a chalk holding unit and a receiving unit. The receiver unit has a sturdy metal clip, so you can easily attach it to your waistband or belt.

• Pulling the chalk off is easy because it has a huge earth magnet built on its face—no need to disengage a release mechanism.

• The chalk holder is made of durable rubber that can accommodate both square and octagonal chalk. A magnet is attached to the chalk holder unit.

• The Peradon Chalk Holder makes it easy for you to carry the chalk all the time. You don’t have to put it down on the table or the counter. It reduces the risk of misplacing it. Just clip it on your body and take it off whenever you need to reapply.

Peradon Chalk Holder Magnetrip 2413 with Clip is considered as one of the best holders in the market. The holder is very well designed and exceptionally durable.