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All The Pool Supplies And Accessories
All The Pool Supplies And Accessories

All the pool supplies and accessories you could ever want. Bridges, pool cue chalk holders, and a slew of pool cue tips are just a small part of our billiards offerings. Need a tool to shape your pool cue tip Check out our many tip tools, including the full Joe Porper line, the Tip Pik and the Ultimate Tip tool. We have cue shaft cleaners, pool cue holders, joint protectors, and more. We have the largest selection of pool cue accessories anywhere!

Triangle Chalk is similar to master billiard chalk since it is made by the same company, although it feels a little harder or firmer. Most common chalk in Australia. It has trouble sticking to layered tips.

Master Chalk Green, covers the pool cue tip well, and adheres equally as well. It is less messy than master blue but it has a propensity to cake, which forces a little mid-session cleaning.

Master Chalk Blue is usually a preferred chalk since it adheres well to the pool cue tip, it isn't messy, and it generally acheives the purpose of billiard chalk.

Masters Chalk, Tan, consistently gets the highest reviews. This is by far the most recommended based on my readings. Beyond that, all of the other masters chalk colors receive very high ratings.

Silver Cup billiard chalk is too powdery, doesn't last, but it does cover the cue tip very well.

Brunswick billiard chalk also quite powdery. It can be sometimes tough to find in certain colors. It can also be expensive as hell too.