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Accessories: We stock a huge range of snooker and pool accessories from snooker chalk to marking boards, cue tips and tipping equipment, cue rests, cue extensions and balls, we've got everything you need for your game. Billiards is a sport with an extremely wide variety of equipment. You have thousands of manufacturers, antiques, homemade, and custom equipment. There are pool cues, pool balls, and pool tables. There are also different varieties of each of these in the snooker flavor. The guides below, along with user reviews should hopefully guide your purchases in the right direction.

One can spend anything one wants on high quality cues upward to $1,000 for production cues. A player usually has his own special cues and rarely lets others use them. For starters, "club cues" are used by visitors and family members. These sticks are usually very low end one piece sticks. House cues come in standard weights and an assortment is included with accessory packs. See Cue and Ball Racks, above for storage solutions. Chalk is used on the tip of the cue to achieve friction between the stick and the ball. Blue is the traditional color, but available in colors that will not show up on the pool table. cloth. Tip replacement kits are to replace worn out cue tips. Special tools for shaping the tips are used between replacement.