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Pool Cue Tip

Selecting a your favorite type of cue tip, just like selecting the right type of cue, is a matter of personal preference.  Tips vary in densities as well as the materials they are composed of.   They range in degrees of hardness from soft to extra hard.  You may need to evaluate your level and frequency of play before choosing a cue tip.

Softer tips are said to give you more control over the amount of english you use.  However, since they are softer, these tips tend to flatten much more rapidly than a medium or hard tip.  This means tips will need more maintenance and frequent replacement. If you are a beginner or only play on occasion, then a soft tip may be adequate.  Elk Master tips are one of the most popular of the soft type.

Most professionals opt for a hard tip.  This gives them more consistency in their shots. In addition, these tips are more durable and need to be replaced less often.  It would be very inconvenient to have to stop in the middle of a tournament for a tip change.  An excellent and very popular type of hard tip is Le Pro.  This brand is affordable and comes standard on many top brands of pool cues.  Moving up a notch, Tiger tips and Moori tips are a bit more expensive but made with the highest quality hides.