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Room Size Calculator
Room Size Calculator

Before you buy a pool table or snooker table it is important to make sure you have enough room to play properly. The table below shows you the minimum room size to play with a full size (57") cue on your pool table or snooker table. The room sizes below allow an additional 3" (approx.) around a pool table or snooker table when playing with a full size cue.

If you aren't quite sure about the correct size, it's a good idea to mark out the pool table on the floor to see exactly how much space you have around the edges. If you have a pool cue or snooker cue handy you can mock up some shots and see if anything gets broken as well! If you have any questions regarding using smaller cues, please give Customer Services a call.

Table Size / Table Type
6ft UK Pool Table 15ft x 12.5ft
7ft UK Pool Table 15.75ft x 12.75ft
8ft UK Pool Table 16.75ft x 14ft
7ft American Pool Table 16.5ft x 12.5ft
8ft American Pool Table 17ft x 13.5ft
9ft American Pool Table 18ft x 14ft
6ft Snooker Diner 15.5ft x 12.5ft
6ft Snooker Table 16.5ft x 13ft
7ft Snooker Diner 17.5ft x 13.5ft
7ft Snooker Table 18.5ft x 14ft
8ft Snooker Table 19.5ft x 14.5ft
9ft Snooker Table 20.5ft x 15ft
10ft Snooker Table 21.5ft x 15.5ft
12ft Snooker Table 22.5ft x 16.5ft

If you've got an irregularly shaped room, you might want to take a look at our Shortened Cues which are suitable for use with any of our pool tables or snooker tables.