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Burroughes Watts Full Sized Record Snooker Table

Full Sized Burroughes & Watts Snooker Table

This is your chance to own a superb Full Sized Burroughes & Watts Match Pocket Steel Block Snooker Table

Ever since the reign of Queen Victoria back in the 1800’s, the name Burroughes & Watts is synonymous with the Finest Quality that can be offered in Snooker, Pool & Billiard Tables World Wide. Ranging from antique billiard and snooker tables to hand-made snooker and pool cues, the Burroughes & Watts name, long regarded as the Rolls Royce/Bentley of the trade, carries with it a tradition of excellence spanning almost two hundred years.

Burroughes And Watts Record 1

This table has also be practiced and played on by the following Main Tour Professionals: Anthony McGill, Former World No.5 & World Finalist Mathew Stevens, Ian Brumby, Robbie Williams and many other top and leading amateurs.,  

• 12 x 6 Full Sized Mahogany Burroughes & Watts Snooker Table

• 5-Piece Two-inch Welsh Slate

• Match Pocket Full Sized Steel Block Snooker Table 

• New Strachan 6811 Tournament West of England Bed Cloth

• New Strachan 6811 Tournament West of England Cushion Cloth

• Full Match Rubbers and Pockets cut to match size

• 6 x Pocket Nets

• 6 x Pocket Leathers

• 6 x Ball Rail runners

• 6 x Pocket Back Plates

• 1 x Set of Full Sized Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Balls