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American Pool Table Construction
American Pool Table Construction

Pool Table Construction

Only the highest quality materials for our pool tables

When you purchase a Majestic Billiard pool table, you are assured of the ultimate quality in materials and workmanship. Indeed, whether it is the leather for our pockets, the wood for our structure, legs and rails, or the aiming sights for our rails, you will be impressed by the fine work done by our experienced craftsmen.

Built with Canadian solid wood for unmatched rigidity

On you will only find pool tables constructed of solid Canadian natural woods such as oak and maple. Competitors' pool tables often use low quality wood products such as pressed wood or melamine. None of these materials are used in the manufacturing of our Majestic Billiards pool tables. We only use natural wood for the exceptional durability and stability it provides. In addition, all our pool tables have their own style and characteristics to blend with any style of decor, furnishings and architecture. It is important to note that the leather tooling and other decorative finishes on our tables have been carved by hand by artisans known for the quality of their work. Take a look at our impressive selection of billiard tables. Whatever your lifestyle, has a pool table for you!

3-piece, 1-inch thick Brazilian slate for maximum stability

Slate is a metamorphic rock of sedimentary origin, containing many minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica. With a low rate of mildew absorption and its great stability, slate is ideal for the manufacturing of billiard tables. uses premium Brazilian slate 1 inch thick, in 3 pieces, and polished to 1/1000 inch. Extracted from opencast mines in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian slate is more robust than the slate of other countries often extracted from underground mines. Extraction through open-air mining (in mountainous regions where tectonic movements are infrequent) allows for us to achieve a slate of great stability that is perfect for the level, precision and durability required for the game of billiards. It is important to note that Brazilian slate is diamond honed, while slate imported from other countries, largely from Asia, are polished with a hand saw; thus reducing the level and accuracy of play.

A frame comprised of doubled centre and cross beams and moulded metal brackets for extra support and stability

To ensure quality and accuracy of your game for years to come, Majestic Billiard provided the frame of our tables with two central beams in solid 1 ? inch x 6 inch wood to extend the entire length of the table; supported by two cross beams for maximum stability. In addition, all tables on are assembled with moulded metal brackets into the wooden panels. Each screw used is screwed into its corresponding piece of metal brackets. This mechanism allows you to assemble and disassemble our billiard tables several times without damaging components or the structure. Moreover, the advantage of not using pressed wood or melamine adds an element of stability to our tables during travel or transport.

Hand-tooled, genuine leather pockets for greater ball absorption

You will only find quality pool tables on, as Majestic Billiard demands nothing less. When it comes to our pockets, genuine leather is the material of choice because of its ruggedness, sound-deadening qualities and overall visual appeal. You'll find a wide range of designs, styles and colors of pockets to suit all tastes. Each pocket has a cast iron frame bolted directly into the rails. Once set, the pockets remain in place. It should be noted that all the carvings and weaving in the leather have been hand-tooled.

K-66 profile rails with natural gum rubber

Like all other components of our tables, Majestic Billiard uses rubber cushions of the highest quality. Our cushions are composed of a high-performance gum rubber that provides a high accuracy rebound. All tables are equipped with K-66 profile cushions. This gives you an exceptional reference, speed and accuracy for optimal moves. All our rails are manufactured from solid wood and securely fastened to the frame so as to transmit - without loss or distortion - the exact bounce on the ball for perfect accuracy and a game worthy of the greatest tournaments and BCA (Billiard Congress of America) standards. Furthermore, the large wood rail surface prevents balls from flying off the table during play.

Genuine Mother of Pearl aiming sights in various shapes

The aiming sights that you find on all Majestic Billiard pool tables are encrusted with precision and serve both as a point of reference as well as a decorative trim. Made of genuine mother of pearl or abalone and available in various shapes, they give your pool table a beautiful aesthetic finish.

Hand-carved, solid wood legs

Majestic Billiard’s table legs offer high quality both in the construction and the finishes. Since they are made of solid oak or maple, the legs will provide stability and support as well as decorative beauty. The wide variety of styles and patterns are available to help you find the table that will fit in perfectly with your interior space.