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Blackball Pool Rules Poster
What Is Artistic Billiards Part 2

Blackball Pool Rules Poster

Black ball is played with 15 colored object balls and the cue ball. The object balls are two groups of seven and the black ball. The player or team pocketing their group of object balls and legally pocketing the black ball wins the game. Shots are not called.

5.1 Definitions

In addition to definitions defined in 8. Definitions Used in the Rules, the following definitions apply to blackball:

Free shot

After a foul has been committed the incoming player is awarded a free shot. On a free shot Rule 6.2 Wrong Ball First is suspended and the player may take the cue ball in position or in hand in baulk.


Baulk is the rectangular area of the table that is bordered by the baulk line and the three cushions at the head of the table. The baulk line is parallel to the head rail and one fifth of the length of the playing surface away from the head cushion. For the applicable general rules, “behind the head string” should be read as “in baulk.”


A player is said to be snookered when the cue ball has no straight, direct path to hit at least part of a legal target ball. The snooker must be declared by the referee for it to be in effect.
Ball On
An object ball is said to be “on” when it is a legal target for the shooter.
5.2 Equipment
The fifteen object balls include two groups of seven balls distinguished by two solid colors or by the usual pattern of numbered solids and stripes. (One through seven and nine through fifteen are the two groups.) In addition, there is a black ball or a black eight ball. The foot spot and the baulk line should be marked.
5.3 Determining First Break
The player winning the lag has the option to determine who has to execute the first break shot. (See 1.2 Lagging to Determine Order of Play ) The standard format is alternate break (see Regulations)
5.4 Black Ball Rack
The balls are racked as illustrated with the black ball on the foot spot.