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Pool Comp Draw
Pool Comp Draw

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If you’re a pool player who finds himself in Australia, you might end up being happier than a pig in shite. Then again, you might find yourself frustrated as can be. First off, there are pool tournaments aplenty. Wherever you are, all you gotta do is ask around. In some places, you can find a tournament every night of the week if you do the leg-work and figure out which pub has a tournament on which night. Usually, they’re called “pool comps”, though. Often times, the top prize is cash and the second place prize is beer. Sometimes a twelve pack. Sometimes a case. Also, it’s not uncommon for one finalist to go to the other and ask them if the want to split the prize, which means that each finalist takes half the cash and half the beer, then the two play the final for bragging rights only. Naturally, the person who wins will wish that they’d told the other to get stuffed when propositioned to split, as they could’ve had the other half of the money, which would more than cover the other half of the beer. So, it’s up to you to decide if you willing to split or whether you want to go for all the marbles.


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