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Woolen Cloth V Worsted Cloth
Woolen Cloth v Worsted Cloth

Woolen Cloth v Worsted Cloth

When selecting a pool table or when purchasing a replacement pool table cloth, it is important to know the type of material you are buying. Here is a look at some common questions about pool table cloth including woolen cloth and worsted wool cloth.

Q: What Type of Cloth Is on a Standard Pool Table?

Most American pool tables will have a cloth made of a combination of wool and nylon, though wood and polyester is also a common option. The material is important, but there are other details to the wool also essential to consider.

Q: What Is Woolen Cloth?

The most common type of pool table felt or wool is woolen cloth. This is generally a thicker, heavy type of material. Most versions contain at least 0 percent wool in them. This creates the felt wool feel most people recognize. This type of wool cloth is less expensive than other versions. This is why it is often the type of material on home pool tables. It is also common on coin-operated tables located in clubs and bars. Woolen cloth's weight makes it more likely to slow the ball down when it is moving. This type of product is best for an every day use, casual style of game play.

One of the key concerns with woolen cloth is pilling. This happens when small amounts of fuzz or furry bits build up on the cloth itself. Because pilling can limit the game play and interfere with movement of the ball, no WPA sanctions tournament will use it.

Q: What Is Worsted Wool?

When you touch worsted wool, it feels very different. It does not feel like a felt material. Instead, it feels like a fine woven professional suit. This is because of the intricate weaving of the fibers. This is a higher quality product and tends to be significantly more expensive.

Worsted cloth is nearly always found when a professional tournament is occurring. It is also located in higher quality billiards halls or in areas that host leagues. One of the key benefits is that it does not pill like woolen cloth. Therefore, the material itself does not impact game play.

One key difference in this product has to do with the side. Because of the way the game is played, the bottom side or underside of worsted wool cloth will have some fuzzy development. In other words, you cannot flip it over and use the other side.

Q: What Is Speed Cloth?

Sometimes, speed cloth is a term used to describe pool table cloth. It is simply worsted cloth. It gets this name from its ability to allow the ball to roll faster on it as compared to traditional woolen cloth.

Q: When Should You Replace a Pool Table Cloth?

Keeping in mind that even the highest quality of pool table cloth will wear down over time, it is important to consider replacing it. Do so when there are burns or bruises in the material. You may also want to replace it if any divots or picks occur in the cloth, which is common with worsted cloth. Any time the game cannot be played or there is any interference with the cloth in the game, it is time to recover a table with the product. This includes instances of holes or just aesthetic concerns such as burns.