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Leather Chalk Pouch
Leather Chalk Pouch

Leather Chalk Pouch

Peradon is a famous brand when it comes to pool and snooker accessories. Top players recognized their cues as the best in the world. The company's reputation remains high up to the present.

Peradon Leather chalk pouch is as popular as its other products. You can hook it over your trouser or belt to hold your chalk so you can reach for it anytime you need it. For serious players, a chalk holder is a must. They do not want to be distracted when making a critical shot. Searching for a piece of chalk can waste their time and affect their concentration.

Qualities of a Good Leather Chalk Pouch

• It is well-made with good stitching, and the opening is big enough for users to reach the chalk easily.

• Fit the case perfectly and save the chalk from getting a block of it lost in your pocket.

• Available in different colours. Black is the most popular option, but you can choose another colour of your choice.

• It is also made from rubber and string to secure it on the tables, cue racks, or trousers. You also have the option to choose a magnetic chalk holder in leather or plastic.

It is always a good idea to have chalk on you whenever you play pool or snooker, and a Leather Chalk Pouch is a good tool. The chalk pouch is designed to fasten to your belt or pocket as many top professionals have them. This can be an excellent gift to your snooker/pool player friend. You will have clean trousers when playing.