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Chalk Holder On Cord Rubber Holder With String Red

Chalk Holder On Cord Rubber Holder With String Red

The chalk holder will keep your chalk protected from getting lost, damaged, or crushed. Attach the red string on the pool table so you can reach it conveniently anytime you need it. Place one on both ends of your pool table. You can also tie it on your belt to make sure you will not misplace it.

Your chalk is prone to falling that could cause damage. Putting it in a safe chalk holder will minimize the incident of falling. Thus you don’t have to buy one again and again. The chalk holder on the cord rubber holder is also available in different colours.

Exciting Features of Chalk Holder with String Red

• This sturdy chalk holder is made of durable materials to keep the chalk protected against moisture and from breaking.
• It can keep your chalk handy anytime you need it.
• The red string is designed to keep the holder in place and to avoid misplacing it.
• The chalk fits perfectly on the holder keeping it secured. The holder includes one cube of green triangle chalk.

Getting a chalk holder on a cord rubber holder with string red will help keep the chalk working at its best. It will help you take that winning shot.