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Keep Your Pool Cue Safe With An Instroke Cue Case
Keep Your Pool Cue Safe With An Instroke Cue Case

The pool cue that you purchase is an investment in your game. If you are going to take it with you when you play pool at a friend’s house or at a competition, you want to have a way to carry it that will keep it safe. An Instroke Pool Cue Case can be just the thing to make carrying your stick easier and safer. Why should you choose an Instroke Cue Case over the other cases that are available?
Interior Protection.

An Instroke Leather Pool Cue Case offers you interior protection to keep your cue from getting dinged or damaged. The form-fitting foam offers shock absorption to your stick and the oversized PVC tubing that is unbreakable offers you a safe place to put your shafts and butts and these tubes are lined with moisture-resistant fabric that will keep them from sweating and warping as well.

The insulation that is featured in the interior of this cue case helps to keep the temperature more balanced to help cut down the temperature fluctuations.

Exterior Protection. Even though the inside of the cue case is carefully designed to keep your stick safe, it is nothing without some exterior protection. The reinforced stress points on this case and the best quality vinyl or leather combine to give you a cue case that will hold up well to wear and tear from carrying it around with you. You will be delighted with the strength and the beauty of this cue case.

Be sure that you protect your investment. Your pool cue needs to be kept safe and by purchasing an Instroke Cue Case, you can keep your investment safe and can enjoy your stick for a much longer period of time, simply because you will be protecting your stick. Consider an Instroke Cue Case for your pool cue. You will be glad you did.

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