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Aramith Standard Casino Pool Balls
Aramith Standard Casino Pool Balls

These Aramith Red and Yellow 2” (50.8mm) UK pool balls are manufactured by Saluc in Belgium.

  • They are a genuine top quality Aramith ball set.
  • Included in the set are 15 x 2” Spots, Stripes and Black balls as well as 1x 1 7/8” White ball.
  • This set is compatible with all UK 6ft and 7ft home free play pool tables as well as all UK pub coin operated pool tables.
  • These are the same regulation size balls used on pub, league and tournament tables throughout the UK
  • Aramith balls are the only balls in the world that are manufactured using phenolic resin as opposed to inferior polyester. This ensures the balls retain their perfect shape, electric colouring, balance and weight far longer than any other ball sets.
  • Aramith balls last on average 5 times longer than any other balls available on the market.

If you love pool then you will love Aramith.