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Aramith Pool Cue Ball
Aramith Pool Cue Ball

At first glance, the plain, white cue ball may appear to be the most boring on the table.  On the contrary, the cue ball is packed with technology.  Did you know that pool cue balls are not all created equally?  They come in different weights and sizes. And the type of pool table you are playing on determines whether you need a regular-sized magnetic cue ball or an oversized cue ball.

A heavier cue ball, marked with a red dot, may help give you more power on your break shot.  If you are learning to use English, a lighter, blue dot cue ball may just do the trick.  Speaking of tricks, try the Crazy Cue Ball.  Watch the surprise on your friend’s faces after you sneak the cue ball with a mind of its own into your game.

Other cue balls, such as those produced by Aramith, are designed to be more indestructible.  These great impact and scratch-resistant.  They are made with phenolic to give you a controlled shot and a smooth roll. They also save money over time because they last up to 5 times longer than the average cue ball.  Try the Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball to help visualize your spin on the cue ball.

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