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Pool Table Iron    Iron And Heat Resistant Stand

Product description

Electric iron used for flattening and smoothing the felt on billiards, pool and snooker tables Iron has a green body with a heat-insulating layer between the ironing surface and the body of the iron. The iron rests on a flat heat-resistant stand.

What are the defects?

The heat control pad and the heat resistant stand of the iron contain asbestos. Asbestos fibres may be released if the iron is disassembled, under certain types of use or with time as the iron and stand are handled and used.

What are the hazards?

If asbestos fibres are released into the air and breathed in, they can cause serious medical conditions, including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

What should consumers do?

Owners of the affected irons should cease using the irons immediately and contact the place of purchase for further advice. Consumers must not attempt to maintain,  disassemble, modify or repair their irons. 

After contacting the place of purchase or the supplier of the iron, owners may wish to contact an asbestos disposal expert to arrange safe handling, storage, transportation and disposal of the iron at a facility that handles hazardous waste. Further information about disposal of asbestos waste can be obtained from local government authorities, the relevant environmental protection agency or waste disposal authority in your state or territory.

Owners of recalled irons will be provided with a replacement iron that does not contain asbestos.

For further information about this recall, contact

  • Consolidated Leisure and Sport Pty Ltd by phoning 03 9499 5444
  • Mal Atwell Billiards and Bingo by phoning 08 3954 9150
  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.