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Pool Table Iron
Pool Table Iron

204V Thermostatic Pool Table IronPool Table Iron

Pool tables should be regularly ironed after brushing to reduce moisture attracted from the atmosphere by woolen cloths and to smooth the nap for more accurate ball roll and faster playing speed. The iron is heated to the correct temperature controlled by the thermostat, then detached for use.

Quick tips: Table Care

1. Brush the table first ensuring that you sweep dirt down the table in the direction of the nap.
2. Once all of the dirt is at the end of the table, use the end of the brush or a cushion brush to sweep the dirt out at the pockets.
3. Wrap a duster or piece of baize around the brush and, using the wooden side of the brush, sweep down the table as if you were ironing it flat.
4. Once the iron is at a suitable heat (not too hot - it's worth testing on paper first - if it scorches then it's too hot!), iron in straight lines down the table.
5. Overlap each line mark that the iron makes until you have ironed the whole table.
6. Repeat as neccessary but don't over-iron as this dries the wool fibres and makes the cloth more susceptible to wearing.