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Snooker Pool Table Iron Spare Parts
Snooker Pool Table Iron Spare Parts

Snooker tables should be regularly ironed after brushing to reduce moisture attracted from the atmosphere by woollen cloths and to smooth the nap for more accurate ball roll and faster playing speed. The iron is heated to the correct temperature controlled by the thermostat, then detached for use.

Our range of replacement parts for Dowsing Billiard table irons.

S4975 Replacement three pin plug & flex for Dowsing DB2 iron
S4976 Replacement Non-Thermostatic iron element (no cut out in the centre - for old style non-thermostatic irons)
S4977 Replacement Thermostatic iron element (with cut out in centre)
S4978 Replacement iron stand
S4979 Replacement Iron Pressure Pad (for between top case and base)
S4980 Replacement Thermostat for a Dowsing DB2 iron only
S4981 Replacement Neon light for Dowsing iron

Please Note: Replacement electrical parts should only be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Dowsing DB2 Table Iron Spares.
We have a complete list of available spares for the Dowsing DB2 Table Iron.
Pressure Pad, Red Neon, Dial with Label, Stand Ballfeet (set of 4 ), Wooden Handle, Lead Connector, Complete Tray Stand, DB2 Thermostat, DB2 Element