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Aramith Billiard Balls Cleaner
Aramith Billiard Balls Cleaner

Keep your pool balls looking great with this Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner. It is one of the best billiard ball cleaners that are effective and, at the same time, safe on your hands. With the regular use of Aramith Billiard/pool ball cleaner & polish, you will be able to maintain the lustrous look of your billiard balls.

Category: Balls


Product: Aramith Billiard Balls Cleaner


RRP: $19.95


Some of the essential features of the Aramith billiard ball solution are as follows: Designed by the engineers who also created the Aramith phenolic balls As compared to other cleaning agents, the Aramith ball cleaner does not impact the ball's unique features. The product can provide the ultimate shine on balls and can be used together with Aramith Cloth (TPAMFC) and Aramith ball restorer (TBABR) The product is made exclusively for professional billiard ball maintenance

How to Use:

Shake the bottle before applying the product. With a soft, dry cloth, rub the ball well, and it will shine up like new. It is best to use the cleaner after every use so it will return to its original luster fast and easy.


Formulated especially for Aramith phenolic billiard balls Easy to use Silicone-free billiard ball cleaner It can work not just for Aramith billiard balls Can be used in a ball cleaner machine


Some users complain that the dirt and chalk remain even after wiping the balls several times. So, if you are looking for a billiard ball cleaner, not just for Aramith ball but for other types of balls as well, the Aramith billiard ball cleaner is recommended.

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