Snooker Balls

This is a standard black plastic triangle, or ball rack. Nothing fancy, just the basics. To Suit 15 x 2 and 1/16" Pool Balls.

Phoca Thumb M Atcs216m

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Aramith Tournament champion snooker balls are the best you can buy.

This full size 2 1/16” (52.4mm) snooker set is a genuine top quality premier ball set. These sets are used in Tournament matches throughout the world. This set is recommended by the World Professional, Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) as the best balls for snooker and they are used in many World Championship events.

  • Set Features Include:
  • Burn Spot Resistance
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Constant Desity
  • Balance

Phenolic resin for optimal rebound Maintains its high quality and condition for much longer than its rivals Aramith balls are the only balls in the world that are manufactured using phenolic resin. This ensures the balls retain their perfect shape, electric colouring, balance and weight far longer than any other ball sets. Aramith balls last on average 5 times longer than any other balls available on the market. If you love cue sports then you will love Aramith.

Premier Aramith Snooker Balls (Best for Home Use)Aramith Premier Snooker Balls

  • These Aramith full size 2 1/16” (52.4mm) snooker sets are a genuine top quality premier ball set.
  • These sets will be found in top snooker clubs up and down the country and have been used in many tournaments over the years.
  • Included in the set are 15 x 2 1/16” Reds, 6 x 2 1/16” colours as well as the cue ball.
  • This set is compatible with all full size snooker tables and with Aramith you are guaranteed quality and reliability.
  • Aramith balls are the only balls in the world that are manufactured using phenolic resin. This ensures the balls retain their perfect shape, electric colouring, balance and weight far longer than any other ball sets.

The Black Box Snooker Ball Set consists of 22 balls, each measuring 2 1/16" in diameter.

  • made in china
  • round and balanced
  • uniform weight and hardness
  • brilliant colors
  • friction resistant roll and reaction

The Black Box Snooker Ball Set contains 15 reds, a cue ball, and one of each of the six scoring balls.

This Super Aramith Pro-Cup TV 2 1/16″ (52.4mm) Snooker size cue ball is a brand new and great looking product.Aramith Pro Cup Spotted Snooker Cue Ball Austrailia

  • Made out of the most advanced Aramith Pro-Cup phenolic resin and used worldwide in virtually all official tournaments.
  • This unique ball will enhance your performance. This is one of the most sought-after items in billiards.
  • This ball has six red spots on its surface. One advantage of the pro cup cue ball is that it makes it easy to visualize the rotation of the ball. You instantly see any inconsistencies in your shot.
  • The ball is standard 2 1/16″ in diameter and is regulation weight. These balls are used with UK full size snooker tables
  • It is made in Belgium by Aramith. They are renowned as the worlds finest ball manufacturers.

Aramith balls will retain their shape and sharp colouring far longer than any other manufactured balls.

The Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth is much more than a regular cloth:

  • This specially developed cloth by Aramith ensures that you maintain your ball set to the highest standards.
  • This 100% polyester cloth is manufactured for long and intensive use and is ideal for removing grease, dust and chalk spots.
  • We would recommend using this cloth with the Aramith Ball Cleaner and Ball restorer which can be found in our shop. We do sell all three as a value pack.

Cloth Specifications

  • High cloth resistance: strong fibre with “w” anchorage within the textile structure; this velvet structure means no fibers will be lost on the ball surface.
  • Absorption: absorbs 4x its weight in water, 8x its weight in grease.
  • Fiber thickness: 0.6 g/10.000 m insures excellent cleaning performance; even inside small surface defects or scratches.
  • Fiber shape: the curly shaped fibres easily remove dust from the ball’s surface and capture dust into the microfibre through electrostatic effect due to friction on the ball’s surface.
  • Fiber height: 3 to 4 mm.
  • High fiber density: 40,000 fibres/cm2, insure excellent cleaning and polishing.
  • High dimensional stability: no shrinkage after hot wash (60°C/140°F).
  • Flexible protective underlayer coating: will keep your hand dry during ball cleaning.
  • High fiber crush resistance: recovers its initial volume and absorption after use.


  • Wash at 60°C / 140°F when suitable.
  • No ironing: ready to use after washing.

Billiard Ball Cleaning Fluid by Aramith.

  • A fantastic product for all keen players designed by the world’s greatest ball manufacturers.
  • Saluc in Belgium manufacture the Aramith phenolic ball sets and this liquid cleaning fluid has been developed specifically to clean and polish pool balls.
  • Ideally use after finishing each game to ensure the removal of dust, static, and to preserve a high polished finish.
  • This handy product is easy to use and has instructions on the bottle.

Maintain the life of your ball set with this new cleaning fluid